Hamas terrorists (Wikimedia Commons)

Hamas terrorists (Wikimedia Commons)

Hamas has a “sleeper agent” inside the United Nations refugee organization in the Holy Land who is able to use the agency as a resource for the Islamic terrorist organization.

The Hamas member, Amir al-Mashal, is the head of the employees union for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, known as UNRWA, according to Israel’s Tazpit Press Service, or TPS.

TPS said UNRWA has objected to its staff belonging to Hamas or other terror organizations but has not taken decisive action.

Al-Mashal was chosen for the job because he has no terrorism-related record and can operate with relative freedom.

He has been ordered to hide his membership in Hamas, TPS reported.

Since its takeover of the government of the Gaza Strip, Hamas has infiltrated key organizations and now controls most of the main unions in Gaza.

Israel Defense Forces Gen. Eli Ben Meir, who served as deputy head of the Intelligence Directorate, told TPS that Hamas takes advantage of UNRWA’s status as a cover for its terror-related operations.

He said Hamas notifies UNRWA of its actions and tells them when to stay away so they can later claim innocence.


Writing at the Jihad Watch blog, Christine Douglass-Williams called Al-Mashal’s position “alarming news considering the enormous global funding going into UNRWA.”

She also noted there is Western funding for “other jihad terror groups who manipulate ‘charities’ who claim to aid the ever expanding Palestinian refugee ‘crisis.'”

“If Western funding for all jihad terror organization (and all of their affiliates) ended, the jihad mission against Israel and against the West would be substantially stymied,” she wrote.

Douglass-Williams pointed out that while many Western governments “have found themselves reeled in” to funding terrorism, President Trump has taken an active role in ending such funding.

Trump, for example, ended all funding to UNRWA, pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and cut hundreds of millions in aid to Pakistan.

The U.S. State Department has described the U.N. refugee agency as “irredeemably flawed.”

UNRWA was found to be inciting anti-Israel sentiment within its Jerusalem schools, Douglass-Williams noted. Arab students were being taught that they will one day destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state.

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