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(Image courtesy Pixabay)

A state judge in Missouri once again has sided with a Planned Parenthood clinic that failed to meet state health department requirements to remain open, this time ruling that a 62-page report of the state’s concerns be sealed for now.

The Planned Parenthood business in St. Louis was told to provide details of its emergency care and health concerns or risk closure.

Instead of providing the information, Planned Parenthood sued, and Judge Michael Stelzer told the state it couldn’t cancel the group’s license to conduct abortions.

In a couple of rulings he released Monday, Stelzer refused a request from the state Department of Health and Human Services to reconsider his preliminary order that keeps the abortion business open.

He also ordered sealed “Exhibit A” from the state, which was attached to the state request, and to which the pro-life activists at Operation Rescue obtained access last week.

The filing includes a four-page letter to Planned Parenthood from the state, as well as an “attached 62-page Statement of Deficiencies.”

“The Statement of Deficiencies detailed horrifically botched abortions suffered by four women, one of whom nearly died, and another who was hospitalized with sepsis, a serious, potentially life-threatening infection,” Operation Rescue said Monday.

“It also revealed that Medical Director Michael Eisenberg and supervising abortionist Colleen McNicholas gave answers to questions by DHSS investigators that were false, contradictory, or nonsensical, causing the DHSS to note in their report that the answers were ‘insufficient to satisfy compliance.'”

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said it is “in the public’s interest to know who is harming women at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood and why this is being taken so seriously by the Missouri agency tasked with protecting the public.”

“The fact that [Reproductive Health Services] Planned Parenthood is working so hard to keep its abortionists from talking and to keep incriminating information from the public proves that they are trying to cover up dangerous practices that could potentially shut them down and cost abortionists their medical licenses.”

Newman said of the report, “I have never seen such overt rebellion to oversight, lies, and blame-shifting as RHS Planned Parenthood’s staff displayed.”

Included in the documentation from William Koebel, administrator of the Section for Health Standards and Licensure within the DHSS, was a warning that the refusal of the abortion business and its abortionists to respond to questions is “unprecedented and unacceptable.”

Operation Rescue noted the 62 pages of allegations include discussion of:

  • Failure to ensure the physician performing the informed consent for a patient was the same physician that conducted her abortion.
  • Failure to file a complication report for a failed abortion.
  • Failure to ensure proper communication with the pathology laboratory after discovery of failed abortions for two patients.
  • Failure to ensure prompt follow up for one abortion patient who called to complain of “continued pregnancy symptoms.”
  • Failure to provide informed consent to two patients who underwent second abortions due to failure of the first procedure.
  • Failure to ensure the 72-hour reflection period was observed for two patients.
  • Failure to provide appropriate nursing care after one patient was wrongly advised to give herself fundal massages after an abortion at 7 weeks 1 day gestation.
  • Failure to ensure that an abortion was planned in a safe environment for one patient who nearly died of massive blood loss during an ill-advised second trimester abortion at 21 weeks 5 days. The patient had high risk factors and suffered a predictable life-threatening complication that the abortion facility was not equipped to handle.
  • Three instances where there was failure to ensure that medical records accurately documented events and personnel involved in abortions.

One patient, for example, had three abortions, the report said.

“A physician resident conducted a failed pelvic exam that did not accurately discover that Patient 1’s uterus was both tilting forward at the top of the cervix but also ‘severely retroflexed’ meaning it bent toward the back. This condition is found commonly in women who have undergone previous C-Section deliveries. Staff F also misdiagnosed the uterine size as ‘less than 6 weeks.'”

The result was a “failed surgical abortion attempt,” the report charged.

Another patient had two failed abortions, the report said. In fact, after the first failed abortion, tests showed the baby, 15 weeks and two days, was growing and had a heartbeat.

“Staff B conducted the second surgical abortion and certified that ‘all’ fetal parts were observed, indicating the second abortion was complete. The failed first abortion was passed off as a twin pregnancy that missed the second baby.”

Even after the second abortion attempt, the patient was hospitalized due to a septic condition.

In the case of a third patient, she was told by her doctor she was 12 weeks pregnant a full month after a PP abortion attempt, the report said.

Still another patient lost about 2.5 liters of blood. The average pregnant female’s body contains about 3.85 liters.

Newman said, “The documents have clarified several questions we had about the botched abortions that occurred at RHS Planned Parenthood, and it appears that things there are even worse than we thought.

“When abortionists hold themselves above the law and above any oversight, it creates an extremely dangerous climate where they believe they can get away with anything at the expense of others. Planned Parenthood’s abortionists are more concerned about covering up their own wrongdoing than making sure other women do not continue to suffer from shoddy practices. The abortionists own arrogant attitudes, words, and actions prove that this clinic should be shut down immediately.”

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