A library in Ohio has canceled a drag-queen training session for teenage boys after being called out by the speaker of the state House of Representatives for the “stunningly bizarre” plan.

The Washington Examiner reported the public library in Licking County dropped the event after House Speaker Larry Householder, a Republican, wrote the Ohio Library Council.

The event, aimed at teenager, featured “a tutorial on applying makeup for dressing drag and a guide to safe sex.”

Such events are becoming more common, even moving into small towns such as Beloit, Wisconsin, after establishing a beachhead in left-wing enclaves such as Long Beach and St. Paul.

A public library in Houston hire a convicted child-sex offender to read books to children. Houston Public Library officials didn’t apologize for hosting Drag Queen Storytime, but they did “deeply regret” failing to conduct a background check.

Householder told the council he fully supports freedom of speech, the First Amendment and libraries.

But he said when he first heard of the training session he thought it was a joke.

“The joke is apparently on the taxpayers, who fund our libraries. This is a stunningly bizarre breach of the public trust. And it must stop.”

He pointed out taxpayers in the state pay about $400 million a year to support libraries.

“Let me be crystal clear: this isn’t about banning books or banning thought or any other red herring argument. This is about right and wrong. This is about being good stewards of the public’s money,” his letter said.

He continued, “I can also assure you the taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard-earned dollars being used to teach teenage boys how to become drag queens.”

The Examiner reported the Newark Ohio Pride Coalition responded by claiming that the event was fulling funded by an independent group.

“We appreciate Speaker Householder’s concern for the use of public funding. We are also happy to share that this event is fully funded by an independent non-governmental grant, which was acquired by the Newark Ohio Pride Coalition,” the letter said. “As such, a total of $0 of public money is being used for this event.”

The organization declined to address the issue of whether or not it was paying a rent for the use of the tax-funded library.

The Examiner said the Ohio Library Council ultimately decided to cancel the event, and the Pride Coalition announced it would be held somewhere else.

The scandal in Houston came about when the activist group Houston MassResistance found out Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old drag queen who goes by the name Tatiana Mala Nina and was scheduled to appear, was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old child.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said then the library’s assurances that children were not left alone were of “little comfort to community members, who were stunned that anyone would be so lax about kids’ safety.”

A similar event was held in 2017 at the Michelle Obama public library in Long Beach, California.

The city of Long Beach, which is located in the district of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., promoted the event with a graphic that is clearly targeted toward young children.

The Church of Satan tweeted, “Hail Satan!” in response to one parent’s criticism.

WND previously reported an animated show about “toddler drag queens” called “Drag Tots!” featured voicing from “famous drag queens,” including RuPaul. Then there was the Netflix cartoon “Super Drags.”

Columnist Linda Harvey expressed concern when libraries “devised another method for mental molestation of youth.”

“Middle and high-schoolers are invited to a private ‘safe space’ session with a garishly dressed she-male to explore what ‘drag’ is all about,” she wrote. “And adults are excluded – until the public hears and cries ‘foul.'”

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