Maybe it’s time we make bank robbery legal, or at the very least, stop punishing those who are caught committing these robberies in certain circumstances. Let’s agree that you can rob a bank, but only if you need the money and – this next part is really important – you bring a child with you. If those two criteria are met, then you will be released without bail if you promise that you will return in three or four years for a court date. Should you fail to return, we will not pursue you. Therefore, you can go on about your life, and you are free to enjoy your ill-gotten gains as if nothing illegal happened.

Should we pass such a law, will there be more bank robberies? You can bet your life on it! Bank robberies would skyrocket, and banks would eventually fail.

If we make these aforementioned bank robberies legal or fail to prosecute, will children be put in harm’s way? Of course. If one doesn’t have a child, one can simply borrow, rent or abduct one for the purpose of the robbery.

If that sounds insane, what about our immigration law? Just come across the border with a child in tow, and if you get caught, say you need political asylum. In other words, that you are being persecuted in your country. Those are the code words for “get out of detention and into the U.S. forever.” Never mind the fact that you may have traveled across two or three other safe countries to get here. Bottom line: You are looking for the best place to settle and need money or, at the very least, want to settle in a place where you can make the most money. Then, all is forgiven, or so it seems.

If it were not so, surely our elected representatives would have taken the necessary steps to fix the problem at our southern border. It’s not rocket science. The laws that need to be changed are well-understood and could be passed in a few hours, but no! Our lawmakers can’t be bothered with such trifling matters. However, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives had the time to pass a bill to give thousands of those who illegally entered the country amnesty – nothing to fix the problem, just amnesty! It makes no sense.

And if you think what is happening at the border – taking what you want when you want it – is simply lost on the lowlifes who were born and raised here, guess again.

An unmarried couple with two kids in tow and a third on the way recently went to a Dollar Store in Phoenix and snatched what they wanted. According to the police, when a clerk called it to the attention of an officer who was in the store, he went to the car of the couple and ordered the driver to stop. The car, with dark tinted windows, sped away, stopping briefly to let off another passenger, with three outstanding misdemeanor warrants, who was arrested.

The couple then proceeded to the apartment of their babysitter. When they finally stopped, the police, now on high alert, took aggressive action (perhaps too aggressive) and used profanity, ordering the couple out of the car, where they were handcuffed and placed inside a police cruiser.

Residents in the apartment complex, concerned about the welfare of the children, filmed the takedown and were permitted to take charge of the kids. Now many in the community are outraged because the police didn’t say “please” and “thank you” while confronting this couple, which had a number of stolen items from the store in their car.

The mother told reporters that the incident was simply over a doll her daughter must have stolen from the store because they didn’t have any money. Oh really. If they didn’t have any money, why were they in the store, and how were they going to pay the babysitter? Since the doll was among many items illegally taken from the store, we can assume this petty Bonnie and Clyde were either taking their kids along to teach them how to steal or as protection against getting caught.

Now they are suing the city for $10 million. Rapper Jay-Z is offering legal support. The store did not wish to press charges, so the couple were released. The driver was given a citation for driving on a suspended license. The officers involved were placed on desk duty, and the mayor apologized.

In short, we have turned this country upside down, and the lawlessness at the border is only the tip of the iceberg.

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