Trump urged to make serious play for California

By WND Staff

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (Photo: Pixabay)
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (Photo: Pixabay)

California is the biggest player in America’s constitutionally mandated Electoral College pick of presidents.

It has 55 votes – out of a total of 538.

That’s more than Florida and Illinois, two other major players, combined. More than New York and Ohio, together. More than the joint impact of Texas and Wisconsin.

California’s electoral votes have gone, for many elections in recent decades, for the Democrat running for president.

But talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh believes Donald Trump, a Republican, needs to make a bid for those votes.

“I’m talking actually making a play for people out there. Go to California and make your case. Go to California and explain your philosophy, your policies, your heart. Go to California. People out there are not hearing it. California may as well have boundaries around it where outside news doesn’t get in there, other than things like this show,” he said Wednesday.

“I’m saying Trump and maybe other Republican candidates go there, make the case, explain what we’re for, not just point out all of the problems that Democrats have caused — ’cause, believe me, they already know that. They may not be willing to associate it with themselves, and it’d be okay to point that out. But I say, ‘Go make the case!’ Go make the case for whatever you want to call Trumpism — conservatism, nationalism, populism, whatever you want to call it.”

He said there is a value in pointing out that the homelessness problems and others currently plaguing California are the result of a one-party rule – that of Democrats, who dominate the state legislature and occupy the governor’s office.

But Limbaugh said Californians also need to be confronted about the national problems.

“Go make the case for reforming immigration and relate immigration, illegal immigration to the homeless problem! Go make the case! We haven’t made the case in California because we know we don’t have a chance of winning it. It’s considered to be waste of money to go to California, waste of resources. I’m saying, ‘Go to California. Make the case.’ You gotta make an effort to get it back sometime. Why not? There’s no better time than now. You don’t have to forever give up on California. Go there now. Make the case.”

He explained there is no one better than Trump to make the case that Californians should consider a Republican candidate.

“Go to Dodger Stadium, schedule a gigantic rally in Chavez Ravine or the Staples Center or wherever they could make it secure. I don’t know. Go to a hospital that had to close the emergency room ’cause they couldn’t afford to treat anybody anymore ’cause it was overrun by illegal aliens!” he said.

Limbaugh earlier had pointed out that Californians are upset that Democrat politicians are not talking about the problems in the state. He had been triggered by a report of the rising number of homeless in Los Angeles and the fact the LA police department was infested with rats.

He said Democrats simply won’t address that, because they’d have to cast blame on their own party.

“Take a look around. I mean, wherever Democrats run things unchecked, that’s what you find. It’s not just LA where they got a homeless problem. Look at any city or state that’s run unchecked by Democrats and you’ll find one or more of the same problems that we find in California. And that’s why I think Trump should go to California. Not to point fingers at them alone. That’s not the reason to go, to try to tar and feather the Democrats, but you go there to make the case.

“And not to win California. This is an unreasonable expectation. It would be great icing on the cake if Trump could actually win California for the Republicans. There just aren’t the Republican votes to do that right now. At the same time, it makes no sense to write off the state. Somebody like Trump could go there and make the case that the people of the state of California never hear made anymore, because it’s a one-party state and a different way of life as an option is really never presented,” he said.

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