It is growing increasingly apparent to me the best thing President Trump has brought to Washington, D.C., besides his can-do-get-it-done attitude is Melania. She seems to be unflappable, maintaining her style and grace no matter what comes her or her husband’s way. I believe American history will be very kind to her, and deservedly so.

She has been treated very unfairly by the press and the self-aggrandizing political intelligentsia mainly because she is the wife of the president. In return she has shown an old-school discipline, restraint and elegance we can all take a lesson from and most women should envy.

I look at her critics and compare them to the person Melania has shown herself to be, and it’s like jalopies gunning their rattling smoking motors as a Ferrari passes by needing to prove nothing!

Yes sir, I have a growing admiration for her as a person and a first lady who is doing this country proud, and has been added to my list of heroes!

Texas Joe

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