"The Savior's Gang" video game by Catness Game Studios (trailer video screenshot)

“The Savior’s Gang” video game by Catness Game Studios (trailer video screenshot)

There are doubts if this one follows the language of the King James Authorized Version of the Bible.

But it is apparently based on that theme.

It’s a new game, called “The Savior’s Gang.”

A report at Polygon explains it’s a game “where you lead your followers into the promise land – but getting them into heaven won’t be easy.”

There are those common threats that appear in other video games that also appear here: Disasters that could burn, crush, drown, infect or even skewer followers.

“Technically, ‘The Savior’s Gang’ doesn’t outright name Jesus, but the long-haired depiction and crucification (sic) story taking place in Jerusalem make it pretty clear that’s who we’re talking about here.”

The report included a description of the action from Catness Game Studios:

“The faithful will cross different levels, from the old fields of Jerusalem, to the very gates of hell, passing through high sacred mountains, dark caves, warm deserts and forests. In each of these locations there are different traps and difficulties of each level: strange gadgets, trees that fall, magma eruptions, fragile ice … At each level new followers will be found, and they will increase the group of survivors, increasing the chances of surviving, which in turn, making it difficult to manage a large group of people.”

Polygon reported, “Curiously, your followers seem to be vulnerable lemmings who must be protected at all costs. Likely, you’ll lose some along the way, but that’s a part of the fun.”

Others say it’s a vibrant portrayal of how Christians are under constant threat of horrific deaths in the mortality of their fleshly bodies, but have hope of salvation and everlasting life in Jesus.

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