President Trump recently came back from the United Kingdom, where Londoners were beaming with excitement, eager to greet the American president. Banners, flower arrangements, festivities and celebrations surrounded both the banquet with Queen Elizabeth and the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of D-Day in World War II. It was a massive success. The queen gave a great speech honoring the collaboration between the U.S. and Great Britain, “united by common values and shared heritage,” during the state banquet, while Trump spoke highly of the queen.

Then to the U.S. media coverage: The coordinated demonstrations ahead of Donald Trump’s visit were described as 250 000 demonstrators in the mainstream media. In reality, it turned out to be just a few thousand. The tens of thousands cheering happily for the queen and the president were simply ignored.

CNN and others made it sound as though the whole of England protested Trump, giving the whole world yet another embarrassing display of the current U.S. “coup d’etat” level of divisiveness. In its routine – the mainstream media were, of course, present with the few ragingly angry, cussing and screaming, obnoxiously rude globalist demonstrators.

Regular Londoners were angered by the shameless display, as the marking of D-Day was celebrated by the masses, while a few mannerless liberals received the U.S. media coverage, screaming “Nazi” at the president and his supporters. The demonstrations were carefully orchestrated with coordinated banners, slogans, T-shirts, masks and transportation – community organizing a la Gene Sharp. Who motivates these individuals to actually take the time to cuss everyone out like this? Who pays for these demonstrations? Quite obviously, someone with great ties to the mainstream media, since they give prime-time coverage to their every move, obediently reporting on every cuss word and poster carefully placed in the eye of the cameras.

The demonstrators asserted that President Trump should not be allowed to celebrate D-Day. Really? What kind of bluntly incompetent individuals speak like that? And why are the demonstrators choreographed to shout “Nazis”? Thousands of our young men died there, defending Britain and the allies. Is there no respect whatsoever for the Normandy invasion where thousands upon thousands of young men gave their lives? The few war heroes still alive were present with President Trump, those who experienced Omaha Beach and Normandy invasion as young men, who lost friends in the sea of blood. Why do the so-called liberal progressive globalists wish to come across both as unbelievably rude and completely brainwashed?

We all know by now that the Russian collusion story was a hoax. Post the Mueller report, which confirmed that there was no evidence for “Trump’s Russian meddling,” CNN ratings plummeted dramatically. So, why doesn’t CNN change its chief editors, since they were obviously mistaken? Clearly, CNN needs fresh eyes that are able to stop this silly warmongering.

But, we know that over 90 percent of the U.S. media are owned by only six corporations, with close ties to the leading globalist transnational corporations that view Trump as their worst enemy. The past years we have seen a remarkable thrust of the globalist, international economic model that departs from the nation-based capitalist system that gave rise to the middle class. Globalism has produced a system in which 62 persons now own over 50 percent of world assets – a new feudalism – only made possible by the transnational business model that is dependent on open borders and refuses to redistribute wealth when outsourcing jobs. Or pay taxes, for that matter, to the U.S.

Organizing protests combined with negative media coverage on opponents is now the chosen method used to create “support” for the globalist-liberal agenda. We saw it in the Arab Spring, presented as the quest for “democracy and human rights,” yet producing the very opposite: civil war, economic deprivation and destruction. The same is now happening to the United States.

Yet, people now respond to the mainstream bias in an unprecedented way, as the effort to retain globalist control is evidenced by the censorship at Google, Facebook, Patreon etc. In the U.K., only 24 percent state that they believe what is communicated in the media is true. In the U.S., it’s around 30 percent. The lack of knowledge as to what President Trump really stands for is rampant after years of slandering, character assassinations and harassment in the media. The agenda of the owners of the mainstream media is all the more apparent.

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