Just because the media report a story, doesn’t indicate they know what it really means. Two unrelated stories emerged this week. They are connected by a common theme, but I haven’t seen anyone connect the dots yet.

So, here goes: On Thursday, June 13, Oberlin College was hit with the maximum putative damages allowed by law, in a case that had already handed down $11 million in actual damages to Gibson’s Bakery, a multi-generational small business. Thursday the bakery got $22 million in punitive damages. The message was that the jury didn’t appreciate the college’s effort to destroy a family business, to save college snowflakes.

The second dot to drop was that the United States Department of Agriculture announced it will be moving two of its research facilities outside of Washington’s District of Corruption, into Kansas City. Hmm … agriculture, the Midwest. Sounds like a good fit to me. What do they grow in D.C. anyway, beyond stray pot plants, an unhealthy crop of corrupt politicians and aquatic swamp critters? The American Federation of Government Employees is outraged at the news. Oh, poor babies!

The common theme here is that the left hates most of America. Academia is now essentially a leftist owned and operated psychiatric prison system where unsuspecting Americans voluntarily commit their children to four years of treatment‚ to overcome their love of God and country. When the inmates escape during treatment and interact with normal people outside of the institution, well … anything can happen. The jury verdict against Oberlin’s inmate escapees in favor of the local, small bakery business is a real response by real people when they were given a voice in the matter.

And just what is the AFGE union afraid of outside the fortress walls around D.C.? Do they think payroll deductions for union dues only work in D.C.? There are no telephones, no email? Or are they afraid that government workers might actually have to interact with the people they “serve”? Do they fear these interactions with the citizens the department serves may taint its policies? No sir, none of that “what’s good for the customer” stuff around here! Yeah, they are too busy reeducating us.

In a nutshell, the left (which includes nearly all federal government employees and almost all colleges and universities) is terrified of interacting with the ordinary people they encounter in flyover country.

Leftists know that their policies are destructive to our nation and that their ideas are indefensible. The Oberlin decision was a broadside against the citadel, and the USDA’s move to agriculture country a well-placed cannon ball into the bureaucratic mindset. May there be many more of both!


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