ArabSpring32 describes the 2010 Arab Spring as a series of “pro-democracy uprisings” in several Muslim majority countries, including Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain.

The protests ultimately resulted in regime changes in some countries, but “if the end goal was increased democracy and cultural freedom,” said, not all were successful.

But according to the Fatah party governing the Palestinian Authority, the Arab Spring was a plan by the United States to “destroy” Arab states.

Palestinian Media Watch noted hundreds of thousands have been killed and many times more have become refugees through the “Arab Spring.”

“In typical Palestinian fashion – which is to blame others for their own failures and those of the Arab world – Fatah officials are now renewing the libel that an evil U.S. plot was behind all these Arab world tragedies,” PMW said.

Two senior Fatah officials recently claimed that the Arab Spring was set in motion by the U.S. to “destroy” and weaken the Arab states so they would “accept orders” and not side with the Palestinians.”

Israel was part of the “plot,” alleged Fatah Central committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida.

“The attempts to spread terror in the Arab region under the cover of the so-called Arab Spring have proven that it was an Israeli-American arid summer meant to destroy and divide the Arab States,” he said.

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Rifat Shanaah said on PA television that the movement was “a destructive winter for the economic and social Arab reality, and an internal weakening of the internal ethnic unity and that which is connected to the religious streams.”

“Of course, all of this was American and external handiwork, the goal of which was to destroy the Arab states so that all of them would be weak, accept orders, and not have advanced national positions,” he said.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has made similar claims, stating the Arab Spring “was imported to us, and reached us after we read the maps that the American newspapers circulated for the division of the Arab states.”

It’s not the first time such blame-shifting has been used, the report said.

“Palestinian Media Watch has exposed the PA libel that the U.S. and Israel are behind the catastrophes in the Arab world, including the claim that Israel wants to ‘crush the Arab world’ and instigates controversies in the Muslim world, as well as the ‘fact’ that the U.S. created ISIS, and is involved in an ‘American-Zionist plot’ to destroy the Arab states,” the report said. said the movement started when a street vendor in Tunisia, Mohammed Bouazizi, set himself on fire “to protest the arbitrary seizing of his vegetable stand by police over failure to obtain a permit.”

The unrest in Tunisia spread to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain with varying results.

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