In defiance of science

By Around the Web

(WASHINGTON TIMES) – For years, the left has claimed to be the party of science, while casting religious conservatives as ignorant, superstitious louts.

But evidence is mounting that it’s the other way around, and has been for some time.

After all, who are the ones claiming that we should ignore biology and redefine a man as a woman if he feels like it?

Who still claims, despite graphic ultrasound evidence that a growing human being in a womb is a baby, that because we don’t really know, we can dispose of it?

Underlying this defiance of science is the claim for a purely material, evolutionary origin of life without any creative design. Based on speculation, it depends heavily on ignoring things like irreducible complexity.

That’s when something could not logically have developed piecemeal but had to have come into being with its complex machinery intact. Anything less would actually reduce a creature’s viability and survivability. Think of an underdeveloped wing, without feathers. Until fully able to assist in flight, the wing would be a burdensome appendage that could hobble a creature fighting off predators. For better examples, check out Michael J. Behe’s theory of irreducible complexity in his groundbreaking 1996 book “Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution.”

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