‘Is Hillary racist for starting Obama birther issue?’

By Joe Kovacs

Diamond and Silk with President Donald Trump at the White House (courtesy Twitter / Diamond and Silk)
Diamond and Silk with President Donald Trump at the White House (courtesy Twitter / Diamond and Silk)

As President Trump continues to be labeled a “racist” by some leftist politicians and media members merely because he referred to Baltimore as a “rat and rodent infested” city, two high-profile members of the black community are coming to his defense, bringing up Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the hunt for Barack Obama’s true birthplace.

Diamond and Silk hit Twitter on Wednesday to tell Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov that President Trump “is NOT a racist.”

“Are you calling Hillary Clinton a racist because she is the one that started the Obama birther issue?” the pair continued.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the White House (HillaryClinton.com)
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the White House (HillaryClinton.com)

It was operatives for Mrs. Clinton who sparked the entire controversy over Obama’s natural-born citizenship during the 2008 campaign when Clinton was in a tight contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Obama was able to fend off Hillary and eventually win the presidency, but his status of a being a natural-born citizen as the U.S. Constitution requires dogged his years in office, with Trump himself getting into the fray, urging the release of Obama’s real birth certificate.


But Diamond and Silk did not stop at Hillary Clinton as they defended Trump. They continued in a string of tweets:

Calling out hypocrisy and shining a bright light on the truth about how Black so called leaders take advantage of black people living in rat infested communities is NOT racist. How the hell is it racist to tell the truth about the billions of dollars being wasted, squandered and misused for corruption at the expense of black people suffering everyday with no food no homes while RATs run through the neighborhood like they’re running a marathon?

Americans are out of their minds with no hope, defecating in the streets & sleeping on concrete. It’s not only Baltimore, it’s many more Democrat run down cities like Chicago & Detroit etc. that’s being ran by white & black Democrat Politicians with an I don’t give a damn mentality about the people they are supposed to represent. This isn’t about racism, it’s about The RATS.

Shame on all of you that continues to sugarcoat the issue & cover the open wound with a bandage every time someone pulls the scab off of the problem. It took a white man named @realDonaldTrump to care enough about black people to expose the very issues at the core of what’s been plaguing black Americans for years because the black President, Obama, wouldn’t do it!

The real racist are the people that turns a blind eye and sees nothing wrong with human beings living worse than animals. The real racist are the ones that sit back and call everyone else a racist to deflect and distract attention away from their own corruption. #VoteDemsOut

One response on Twitter featured a photo of what is purported to be Bill and Hillary Clinton in blackface at a costume party in their younger years, with the comment: “I think they’re very racist, Hillary and Bill.”

Fox News analyst Brit Hume said about Trump’s infestation remarks: “For Pete’s sake he’s talking about animals! He’s talking about rodents! He isn’t talking about people. Look, we cannot possibly be at a place now in America where you cannot criticize the condition of somebody’s congressional district who happens to be African-American without being accused of racism. You know, for a long time if you were critical of someone who was of darker skin color — uh, black or brown — you were accused of racism. Now you’re talking about the rodents in their districts and that’s racism. My own view of that is it’s positively absurd.”

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