Iran has been seeking financial help in response to U.S. sanctions imposed to dissuade the rogue Islamic regime from pursuing nuclear weapons, says a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The sanctions were restored after President Trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement negotiated with Barack Obama, calling it a total failure.

Iran also has been in the headlines for its agitation in the Middle East, including the shooting down of an American drone.

Now a report by the Investigative Project on Terrorism warns that Iran already has a network of terror cells around the world that are “ready to activate at any time.”

The report comes to the IPT from Yaakov Lappin, a military affairs correspondent who does research for defense think tanks and is a correspondent for Jane’s Defence Weekly.

The existence of the network means “that the chances of an Iranian proxy terrorist activation are rising.”

“Biting American sanctions are causing unprecedented damage to the Iranian economy. In response, the radical Shiite regime has already provided the world with a sample of its ability to order attacks that destabilize the Middle East,” the report said.

“Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen recently launched explosive drones and cruise missiles, targeting Saudi Arabian oil installations and airports. An Iranian-backed Shiite militia in Iraq, Katai’b Hizballah, is suspected of firing rockets at U.S. interests, and the Islamic Republican Guards Corps (IRGC) launched mine attacks on civilian oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman.”

For the rest of this report, and more, please go to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

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