Let’s try a little thought experiment. Imagine that you were an attractive man or woman, gifted with above average intelligence, well-educated, but had a secret little part of yourself that liked something that most people thought was forbidden to them (by social mores, when we still had them, or now by law).

Imagine also that someone gave you enough money to pay for what you secretly wanted. Then imagine that after a while that person asked you for a favor.

Perhaps the conversation went something like this: “I’ve got a guy who is trying to [bleep] me over regarding a business deal we’re involved in. Maybe you could invite him to one of your special little parties. Take a few pictures. Set up a video camera. Then give me the goods on him.”

Being gifted with intelligence you stay out of the pics and video. You keep a copy for yourself, though.

Word gets out among certain people that you can help them with their “problems,” by producing blackmail videos. The money generated makes you wealthy – in your own right. Since our media culture worships success – which equates to money – you are worshiped and adored by others who see you on TV or in the “rich and famous lifestyles” press.

You decide that there is also a market for these tapes, photos and “entertainment” in the wider political world. You find that what you are offering attracts certain politically powerful people. They think you just want a political favor in return. Soon they become your guests and participate in the “entertainment” that you organize. The cameras and video are well concealed by this time.

Now when someone needs a pivotal vote on a contentious issue – they find you. Money and images change hands. The one with the pivoted vote soon knows that he or she just sold career, family and life … to you.

With the advent of globalism, your market increases exponentially. Entire governments and nations are now under your influence. It’s a wild, heady ride, isn’t it? The human cost to your “playthings,” well, they got paid, didn’t they? Anyway, who cares? They were nothings and nobodies. They came from broken families, school dropouts, street kids, illegal immigrants.

But there’s always somebody who wants to take your kink to the next level. The bodies have to be buried somewhere. The evil you used to entrap others now owns you, too.

You don’t have to be rich and powerful to be owned. Even very basic espionage tradecraft teaches about honeypots, nonclassified government or company phone books and directories, and the long, predictable road to highly classified intelligence, emails and military secrets making their way into enemy hands. The gain you received is paid for in blood by our soldiers on the battlefield. But that level of treachery will never happen to you. You’d never take it that far.

Then, let’s imagine that this isn’t just a little thought experiment. Let’s imagine that it is worldwide and is simply “the way the world works” when left in the hands of the rich and powerful, who became that way by doing what we have just imagined.

Finally, let’s imagine that the sunlight of exposure gives each of us a choice to let the world continue on as it always has, or to use this exposure to change the course of our world. What would you do?

Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns. It begins here.


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