Global warming

Global warming

President Trump is being honored by Doctors for Disaster Preparedness for his defense of the nation, including his withdrawal from the Paris climate deal.

The organization, which is holding its 37th annual meeting in Tucson, Arizona, this weekend, decided to recognize the president for his “extensive, selfless, and effective work in defense of our nation.”

“Among your many accomplishments for our nation, your work in opposing the failed hypothesis of human-based climate change, including your withdrawal from the Paris ‘accord,’ and your accomplishments and proposals regarding hydrocarbon and nuclear energy are especially valued by DDP,” the letter to the president said.

E&E Legal explained the Paris deal negotiated under the Obama administration with nearly 150 nations never went to the U.S. Senate for approval and was “understood to offer no detectable impact on the earth’s temperature.”

Principally, it demanded some half a trillion dollars for its promoters.

The founder of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, the famed nuclear physicist Edward Teller, chose award recipients until his death.

“When founded 37 years ago, our primary mission was the planning of medical response in case of nuclear war and promotion of both nuclear civil defense and strategic defense. We still carry on this work,” the letter said.

“We now also work vigorously, entirely upon sound scientific grounds, to make sure our nation has abundant hydrocarbon energy in the present and abundant nuclear energy in the nuclear era that will soon come.”

The organization said Trump’s election “has already proved to be the greatest political gift to our nation in more than a century. We are certain Edward Teller would enthusiastically agree to this award.”

Teller was a Hungarian-American theoretical physicist who made many contributions to nuclear and molecular physics. He’s regarded as the father of the hydrogen bomb.

The organization’s meetings have featured focus sessions on topics such as civilian mass casualty care, emerging infectious diseases, radiation monitoring, chemical and biological warfare, accurate assessment of environmental hazards, terrorist events, climate modeling and weather forecasting, and nuclear energy.

Topics for this weekend include “Dirty Trucks and Secrets of Greenpeace: All Green Cash and Not Peaceful,” presented by astrophysicist Willie Soon; “Understanding Weather & Climate” by Ronan Connolly and Michael Connolly, a father and son team; the “U.N. 3020 Sustainable Development Agenda” by California rancher and environmental policy expert Debbie Bacigalupi.

Other topics include truth in education, self-defense, the blockchain economy and smart machines.


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