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The price of murder, according to the Palestinian Authority, is 50,000 shekels over three years.

That’s what the family of the murderer of Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a 13-year-old Israeli girl, has received over the past three years, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

And they will continue to receive a monthly allowance.

It’s part of the PA’s “pay for slay” program in which terrorists or their families are compensating for murdering Jews.

It was just three years ago that Ariel was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist while she slept in her bed.

The terrorist was killed by authorities after committing the atrocity.

Since then, the killer’s family has been paid just over 50,000 shekels, or some $14,000.

PMW said that since being elected as chairman of the PA in 2005, Mahmoud Abbas “has repeatedly approved increasing the monthly allowances paid to the families of dead terrorists.”

Terrorists who die, called “martyrs,” qualify for a onetime 6,000 shekel payment and a monthly payment of 1,400 shekels. An additional 400 is granted for a wife, 200 per child and more for being a Jerusalem resident.

“The different institutions headed by Abbas have all referred to the murderer as a ‘Shahid’ (martyr) – the highest honor achievable in Islam according to the Palestinian Authority,” the report said.

The mother of terrorist Muhammad Taraireh told local reporters: “My son is a hero. He made me proud. My son died as a martyr defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, he [my son] has joined the martyrs before him, and he is not better than them. Allah willing, all of them will follow this path, all the youth of Palestine. Allah be praised.”

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