Government cannot solve mass shootings

By Jesse Lee Peterson

In the aftermath of the Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas mass shootings, a political firestorm is brewing and liberal politicians have law-abiding gun owners in their sights.

In response to the shootings, President Donald Trump announced he now is looking for “very meaningful background checks” and repudiated “white supremacy.” He said he also believes lawmakers will support “red flag” laws that allow guns to be removed from those who may be a danger to themselves and others. But Democrats still blamed the president for the shootings.

Joe Biden accused Trump of fanning the flames of white supremacy. “We have a president with a toxic tongue who has publicly and unapologetically embraced the political strategy of hate, racism and division,” said Biden.

President Trump is not to blame for the recent shootings. In fact, he has done more to bring people together than any other president in recent history. No matter how many times Trump denounces “white supremacy,” Democrats and the liberal media will label him a “racist” in order to put a wedge between him and the American people.

“White supremacy” is a myth which exists in the minds of angry, godless Democrats who use it as a tool to scare blacks to the polls and make decent whites recoil with guilt.

Louis Farrakhan believes the black race is superior, yet Farrakhan is not labeled a black supremacist. Why? Because it doesn’t conjure up images of whites keeping blacks down and it doesn’t advance the Democrats’ agenda.

Donald Trump is the most pro-Second Amendment president in recent American history, but signaling that he was open to more gun laws opened the door for liberal Democrats to attack him and to push for more gun restrictions, instead of dealing with family breakdown and anger.

Democrats are not interested in fixing the problem, only in politicizing the issue. And gun owners are right to be concerned about their second amendment rights. Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke supports mandatory gun confiscation similar to the one Australia did after a mass shooting in the 1990s. This is alarming to gun owners.

Background checks wouldn’t have stopped the Dayton and El Paso shooters. President Trump and many Republicans are committed to going through with some sort of background check, but they are getting pushback from conservatives. The NRA and Gun Owners of America oppose more laws.

The bill passed by Nancy Pelosi in the House to expand background checks will not stop mass shootings; rather, it will make it difficult for citizens to get guns. California has universal background checks and it didn’t stop the recent mass shooting in Gilroy. We need to identify and intervene to stop insane people from hurting others, but burdening law-abiding citizens with background checks is not the answer.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise told Fox News he doubts proposed “red flag” laws or stricter background checks would have prevented the 2017 attack by a Bernie Sanders supporter that left him gravely wounded on a Virginia baseball field.

The Dayton shooter was a fan of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but the media is not reporting this. He was known to have problems, and he was obsessed with mass shootings and violence. The same thing was known about the Parkland shooters, but nothing was done to intervene.

The liberal elites who attack the president and want to confiscate our guns away are the ones promoting violence. In the wake of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Universal was pressured to scrap the release of “The Hunt” – an R-rated satire in which elites hunt “deplorables” for sport.

Trump blasted the film and Hollywood. He said Hollywood is racist for what they’re doing, and the kind of movies they’re putting out is very dangerous for our country.

If Democrats truly cared about stopping mass shootings, why don’t they address the carnage in the inner cities? Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, yet there were 81 people killed in Chicago and Baltimore in one month (mostly by illegal guns).

Politicians want to pass more laws, but they don’t even follow existing laws. They allow illegal aliens to come into our country and then create sanctuary cities to protect the lawbreakers. They don’t follow or respect the Constitution, yet they want to pass more laws to bind and limit the rights of law-abiding citizens.

I counsel many young people, and we have a generation in crisis. In most colleges and public schools, masculinity is considered “toxic.” Boys are under attack, and they are not allowed to be themselves. They are misdiagnosed by therapists and medicated to make them numb. Boys and men are being alienated and made to feel like they are to blame for societal ills. The family unit is falling apart. Fathers are weak, mothers are impatient, and the kids are left on their own with violent video games, pornography, drugs and alcohol. No wonder the youth are angry.

Passing more gun laws will not solve the problem. We must address the breakdown of the family and help young people deal with their anger and encourage them to forgive starting with their parents – especially their mothers. Nothing else will work.

My nonprofit organization (BOND) recently hosted a forum to address mass shootings, race, border crisis, and the state of men. Watch here:


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