Ivory elites ‘desperately seeking ebony’

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette had the dubious honor of being France’s last king and queen, toppled by the French Revolution in 1792. Debate ensues if the Queen really said it, but a famous 1789 quote attributed to her, upon learning the masses had no bread, was: “Let them eat cake.” As cake was a luxury few could afford, Marie-Antoinette’s callous response became a hated symbol of a decadent monarchy, out of touch with its people. It cost the two dearly as, in 1793, both King and Queen were beheaded.

Recently, with the “white privilege guilt” seed being fertilized by liberals in the minds of those naïve enough to buy into it, a discussion took place on the decline of the “white American” demographic. Two high-profile members of the media – CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Univision’s Jorge Ramos – participated. Their comments revealed them, much like the French royalty of old, to be out of touch with reality and their people.

Cooper noted, “The idea that … whites will not be the majority … it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and … progress of our country in many different ways.” (As Cooper recognizes this progress in America, perhaps he should take flag-kneeler Colin Kaepernick aside to explain it to him.)

Hearing Cooper embrace such a decline as “exciting” is stupefying for two reasons. First, it conveys a strong euphoric racial bias from one supposedly reporting (not creating) the news, about a particular race waning in influence. Second, since Cooper is white, it is the height of elitist arrogance and cynicism to promote the decline of one’s own race as cause for celebration.

Of course, also embracing the decline of white American influence is Mexican-American journalist and author Ramos. He said he sees it as a positive development. In fact, based upon his past support for open borders, he supports a means to see it happen much faster.

The radical liberal yearnings of these two members of the media bring to mind the findings of a study identifying what causes radicals to embrace radicalism. Queen Mary University of London concluded a study on terrorism, finding terrorists are more likely to be highly educated and financially secure. It actually found higher levels of extremism among students and those with incomes above $125,000. While the study’s focus was on violent radicalism, especially Islamism, there is no reason its conclusions should not have applicability to nonviolent radicals as well. Thus, the study’s bottom line dispels the myth such a radical ideology is motivated by any sense of inequality. Other influencing factors include a lack of assimilation and being lured into radicalism by the social circles one keeps.

Both Cooper and Ramos fit the bill for harboring radically liberal ideas. Both are educated individuals whose wealth and lifestyle are undoubtedly envied by 99 percent of Americans, if not the world. Living in extremely exclusive communities, they effectively remain isolated from normal American society, allowing themselves to be easily influenced by the elite social circles they keep, further shielding them from independent thought.

These two liberalist pundits offer their naïve insights to mainstream America, as if they are part of it. But consider the following influences responsible for limiting their ideological horizons:

  • Cooper’s mother was Gloria Vanderbilt, recipient of the family fortune, allowing him to be raised as American royalty. Unsurprisingly, such wealth jades those touched by it in their formative years. Today, it is estimatedCooper’s net worth, independent of the Vanderbilt fortune, is $110 million.
  • Cooper lives isolated today from the pulse of America, residing in Greenwich Village which is overwhelming white (82 percent) and less than 3 percent African-American.
  • Illegal immigrant advocate Ramos, unsurprisingly as well, lives in wealth-ridden seclusion in an exclusive $6 million island home surrounded by water, wrought-iron fences and a huge wall – not far from the Miami Yacht Club – to keep us peons out.
  • Depending on which ex-wife one asks, Ramos’ net wealth is estimated between $25 and $275 million.

Sadly, there are those who suffer from white-privilege guilt to the extreme, such as Hollywood’s Rosanna Arquette. She tweeted, “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.” God knows what the intention of her tweet was; but rather than suggesting skin color is immaterial, it suggests the contrary. Her apology represents “stupidity gone wild.”

If so disgusted, Arquette might consider going the route of Rachel Dolezal – a woman who taught college courses on African-American history and even became president of her local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – before being outed for pretending to be black. Dolezal did a good job of physically hiding her blonde, blue-eyed roots. After being exposed, she claimed ethnicity is not biological, that there is such a thing as being “transracial” and that “the idea of race is a lie.” She further claims she will never go back to “being white.”

Another option available to a seriously-minded, truly guilt-ridden Arquette is to go the route of a white German woman, now claiming to be black after medical treatments to increase her body’s melatonin production. She writes on Facebook, “I love my new ebony look very much.”

California now seeks to indoctrinate children in public schools on white privilege guilt. A proposed ethnic studies course calls for “the privilege walk” – an exercise to teach white students about privileges they take for granted.

While Ramos undoubtedly is influenced by his minority race to promote the white privilege guilt pitch, one only wonders what life traumas caused Cooper and Arquette to bite into this ideological “poison apple.” Perhaps they should spend time looking into a mirror, as did the character “Stuart Smalley” – portrayedby comedian Al Franken long ago on Saturday Night Live – repeatedly affirming to himself, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggone it, people like me!”


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