An online photo of a young woman sporting a T-shirt with a message about Jesus and vaccinations has ignited a holy war of sorts on Twitter.

The message carried by the unidentified, braided, young blonde states: “Spoiler Alert … Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated.”

The image was shared online by an account named “Christian Nightmares,” which bills itself as “the best place on the Internet to find creepy Christian sh**.”

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The photograph and related comments caught the attention of Cameron LeBlanc at Fatherly, who noted: “The body language of the girl wearing the shirt, from the exaggerated smile to the finger guns aimed at the slogan, reinforces her supreme confidence in her opinions no matter how medically incorrect or intolerant they might be. In other words, she’s setting herself up to be completely and utterly roasted on the Internet.”

In fact, most of the commenters on Twitter appear to support vaccinations, while at the same time voicing anti-Christian sentiments:

  • Neither was Satan
  • Spoiler alert: infant mortality rate was nearly 50% and life expectancy was 30-40 years.
  • You’re saying you have an immune system equivalent to that of God? Bold.
  • The resulting illness he ended up getting, though, made him feverishly hallucinate that he was the Son of God.
  • To be fair, he was the son of God. So maybe vaccinate your kids unless the baby daddy is God.
  • And if he hadn’t been nailed to a cross, his life expectancy would’ve been about 40 years because diseases were rampant. But, lo and behold, once vaccinations were invented, people lived longer… because science. Ignorance is not a cure-all
  • Jesus (if he existed) died at 33. If that is lifespan people want then they can skip those vaccinations. Personally i would like to thin the heard a bit so we can cut down on some of this traffic and open up more of the good parking spaces.
  • I genuinely don’t understand the message this is trying to portray
  • We desperately need a vaccine for ignorant.
  • Actually, Methuselah lived to be approx 960+ years of age. Noah lived to be 950 years of age… all that was before science. Science is not a cure-all.
  • But he certainly became cross contaminated.
  • Nailed it.

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