My giant-slaying week fighting for real justice

By Larry Klayman

In the lead-in to my weekly show, “Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman,” on Radio America, which is now carried on about 55 stations and growing quickly throughout the country, on podcast and which also can be found on Freedom Watch’s YouTube channel (see for local listings and podcast), I let it be known that Larry Klayman does not just report the news; we make the news. This is not boasting but reality. Freedom Watch and my private practice is dedicated to, in effect, being the People’s Justice Department.

Never has this mantle been made clearer than this week, where I have been engaged, as is normal for my line of legal work, with more than a few hard-hitting cases designed to mete out justice. In this regard, Freedom Watch and our brave client Laura Loomer, who is now running for Congress is my home state of Florida, Palm Beach County to be exact, scored a major victory in the class action antitrust lawsuit I filed against the leftist-run social media companies Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Apple. The complaint, which was dismissed without cause by a timid and intellectually dishonest lower court judge, alleges that these companies attempted to monopolize the social media markets by acting in parallel fashion, that is in tandem, to discriminate and ban conservatives and others of similar ilk in and from their platforms.

As a former trial lawyer in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where during the Reagan administration I was on the team that broke up the AT&T monopoly, creating competition in the telecommunications industry, I took a particular interest in bringing this case, notwithstanding that Freedom Watch and I have also been discriminated against and harmed. As just two examples, our Google/YouTube subscribers have been intentionally limited by this social media giant for about two years. The same is true for Twitter.

So when the lower court judge dismissed our case, falsely claiming that our charges were “not plausible” (what planet does he live on?), I quickly took an appeal for Ms. Loomer and Freedom Watch. And, as predicted, with their well-financed mega-Democrat law firms in tow, these social media companies then quickly moved to have our appeal dismissed.

Well, fellow patriots, this week, lo and behold, the usually left-leaning U.S. Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit (“D.C. Circuit”) put its foot down and with a panel comprised of a new Trump appointee and also a George W. Bush appointee, brushed aside the social media companies’ appellate motion to dismiss. As a result, the appeal with now be heard and decided by them, with an oral argument before this three-judge panel in the not too distant future.

The D.C. Circuit may have been influenced into turning a cold shoulder on the lower court judge, who had run interference for the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world, by a recent development by my alma mater, the Antitrust Division. It had recently opened an investigation into the anti-competitive and discriminatory practices of these leftist social media giants, all designed to stifle free speech and help elect a Democrat as president in 2020. While it is good to have a potential ally, I doubt, however, that the Antitrust Division will move fast enough to get justice for many years, even if it ultimately decides to file civil and/or criminal complaints. And, given what we have witnessed under the reign of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now AG Bill Barr, the latter of whom, mimicking Sessions, just took a dive and failed to indict former FBI Director James Comey, it is now clearer than ever that We the People must now take matters into our own legal hands. Thus, the raison d’etre to support Freedom Watch, a public interest group that does more than just get documents to appear on Fox News, but really is dedicated to meeting out justice for the American people, becomes even more pronounced.

In addition to this major victory, this week, again on behalf of fellow patriot Laura Loomer, Freedom Watch took additional action. In this regard, Friday we filed a hard-hitting complaint against that vile anti-Semite and Israel-hating Palestinian and Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who has boasted that the Holocaust and Hitler’s killing of 6 million-plus Jews gives her “calming feeling.” Ironically, I hope that fellow patriots will see Ms. Loomer’s suit for assault and battery and religious discrimination as giving y’all a genuine “calming feeling.” Our complaint can be viewed at and read about in this WND story.

Again, Freedom Watch and its clients are the ones taking real action, rather than simply collecting government documents to figuratively frame and hang of the wall for “fun and fortune.”

Then, last but certainly not least, is that I was busy this week filing an appellate brief for my great and righteous client Cliven Bundy. Despite his supersedeas indictment having been dismissed, if you can believe this, the Trump Justice Department filed an appeal, hoping to save the skins of the dishonest federal prosecutors whose severe legal misconduct caused even an Obama-appointed and former Sen. Harry Reid-recommended judge, Gloria Navarro, to throw the case out of court. Go to to read our brief as well as to support Cliven and his family.

What does this tell you, fellow patriots? The Justice Department remains in the hands of the Obama-Clinton Deep State, and our current attorney general, Bill Barr, appears not to be largely in control. This is par for the course and has been an endemic problem over the last decades in prior Republican administrations.

And this why we ask you to join Freedom Watch and me by becoming a member of our Justice League, as time is short to save the Republic from the destructive jihad of the radical left and its leaders, like Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. Go to and enlist today before it is too late to preserve our God-given freedoms and liberties.


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