Stefan Halper

Stefan Halper is a Cambridge professor who was neck-deep in the beginnings of the Russia-collusion investigation that was weaponized against the Trump campaign and administration.

He’s suspected of having met with several Trump campaign aides as an FBI informant while the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign.

Now, in a motion to dismiss a defamation suit against him, he tacitly acknowledges he is a government agent.

While he doesn’t explicitly state he is an FBI informant, he argues for dismissal because government agents have qualified immunity against lawsuits

The Daily Caller reported the case was brought by Russian-British academic Svetlana Lokhova.

Halper does not admit to being a source for articles about Lokhova, but he argues that if he were an FBI informant, he would have immunity afforded to other government agents, the report said.

“Private individuals who participate in FBI investigations are subject to the federal common law qualified immunity applicable to government agents,” his lawyers, Terrance Reid, Robert Moir and Robert Luskin, explained. “This immunity justifies dismissal here.”

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh called the development a bombshell.

He explained Halper was “co-opted as an attempted, embedded spy into the Trump campaign by the FBI. He has experience as a CIA informant and contributor and ditto with the FBI.”

Halper tried to get the Trump campaign to hire him, Limbaugh noted, because “the FBI was attempting to prove that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia.”

“Had Halper been hired, you know what would have happened? He would have then immediately started communicating with Russian agents. And they would have had their collusion. That’s what the FBI attempted to do,” the talk host charged.

Now, Limbaugh said, “in effect, he’s admitting, by trying to avoid this lawsuit, he’s admitting that he was a government agent.”

“Now, you may think, ‘Well, Rush, everybody knew that.’ No, everybody didn’t know it. Everybody suspected. Those of us on the side of this trying to get to the truth, we were aware. The FBI has never admitted this.”

The Daily Caller explained: “Lokhova, who studied Soviet-era espionage at Cambridge, sued Halper and several news outlets May 23, accusing all of defaming her over contacts she had in February 2014 with Michael Flynn, who then served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Lokhova alleged Halper planted false rumors that she and Flynn began an improper relationship during the 2014 event, which was hosted by the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. Halper was a co-convener of the seminar, which hosts current and former Western intelligence operatives.”

Sir Christopher Andrew was Lokhova’s mentor at Cambridge and a Halper associate who wrote the first “innuendo-laced article.”

That resulted in further reports, the Daily Caller said.


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