Straight pride vs. leftist haters

By Jesse Lee Peterson

This weekend I spoke at a Straight Pride Coalition event in Modesto, California. The event was organized by the National Straight Pride Coalition – a pro-family, pro-life group that promotes Western civilization and nationalism.

The Straight Pride Parade was slated to be held at Modesto’s Graceada Park on Aug. 24, followed by a march to a Planned Parenthood clinic, but organizers were denied a permit at the last minute after City Councilwoman Kristi Ah You and radical LGBTQ activists accused the group of promoting “hate speech.”

“Councilwoman Kristi Ah You smeared us as ‘racist’ and ‘violent’ and scared people in the community,” said Don Grundmann, founder of National Straight Pride Coalition. “This rhetoric also justifies and encourages violence against us from leftists and Antifa supporters.”

Before the rally, a group of leftists calling themselves the Modesto Nonviolent Collective gathered before Modesto city hall, pledging to counter-protest. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church hosted an interfaith vigil, and audience members spoke against the event planned by the National Straight Pride Coalition. They even had an Imam speak from the pulpit. These LGBTQ snowflakes can tolerate a religion that condones executing homosexuals, but they oppose a peaceful parade organized by Christians!

“I am very happy to be here with all of you to stand against hate and stand for love,” said Matthew Mason, a radical LGBTQ activist and biological son of City Councilwoman Kristi Ah You (who was adopted by straight pride supporter Mylinda Mason).

Despite the hurdles, I arrived in Modesto and we had an amazing event. Due to threats of violence from radical pro-LGBTQ activists and Antifa, we had to meet at a secret undisclosed location to kick off the parade.

The event was being streamed live on Facebook when Straight Pride Parade organizers were notified by the Sheriff’s department that our enemies had traced our location and were on their way to attack us. We were advised by the Sheriff and the venue owners to immediately leave. We packed up and moved on to a pre-planned rally and parade in front of a Modesto Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

As soon as we arrived to the Planned Parenthood clinic, we were surrounded by hundreds of angry leftists holding LGBTQ and anti-Trump signs. They were chanting “F**K Donald Trump.” They got in our face shouting, cursing and screaming. They even rang cow bells to drown out our words, but they failed. Then they went nuts and tried to attack us physically.

Police were present on foot and horseback, but this didn’t stop the leftists from shoving and attacking our side. A leftist protestor standing next to LGBTQ activist Matthew Mason was caught on camera violently striking an elderly white man from behind.

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The Straight Pride event was about standing up for the family and for unborn babies. Planned Parenthood is the biggest killers of black babies in the country. More than 19 million black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in our country. Black women have a significantly higher abortion rate than whites and Hispanics. Whites and blacks were protesting black genocide, something that Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, the Democratic Party and the NAACP refuse to do.

In fact, shameless NAACP members were there to attack us, along with all the radical homosexuals, communists, Antifa and other haters. I’ve been saying for years that the NAACP is a corrupt, worthless organization serving the elite white socialist wing of the Democratic Party. The NAACP promotes abortion, open borders and bad economic and social policies that keep blacks down. They have long stopped being of any use to normal black people.

Despite all of their calls for “tolerance,” it’s widely known that the real hate and violence is coming from the left. Recently, in Portland, Oegon, Antifa members attacked patriots who were leaving a rally. A video shows people attempting to board a bus while being attacked by virulent leftists. They used batons, pepper spray and a hammer to attack the people on the bus. Antifa and leftists will attack anyone who documents their violence. They also lashed out and brutally assaulted journalist Andy Ngo in Portland.

The LGBTQ activists and Antifa supporters who tried to shut us down in Modesto are a bunch of angry, weak godless people who hate America. They hate conservatives and anyone who supports traditional values. They hate President Trump because he is a straight white Christian man of power.

Evil has consumed the Democratic Party, and it’s on a rampage to shut down any man or woman standing for truth. Straight conservative Christian white men are the only ones preventing evil from completely taking over America. Evil knows that if it can destroy the man, it can destroy the women and children. Democrats destroyed black men and families; now they’re after white men and their families.

It’s time for white men to overcome the fallen state. Don’t run from the name-calling and verbal attacks. Speak up and take a stand without anger and you can take your country back.


Straight pride vs. haters

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