A political commentator who took to Twitter to ask why images of various individuals openly carrying firearms should not constitute a “red flag” may have damaged his own cause.

The issue of “red flag” laws has become a high priority because of last weekend’s two mass shootings, which left 31 dead.

Democrats are demanding immediate gun control, with some even calling for gun confiscations that would violate the U.S. Constitution.

Their fallback position seems to be “red flag” laws on a national scale. Several states already have adopted them, but they still face legal challenges. The new provision in Colorado, for example, tosses due process on the scrap heap, allowing individuals to file a complaint and get an order for forced confiscation of someone’s weapons based on what they think. Later, according to the law, a court hearing is held to determine whether or not the confiscation was justified.

Other “red flag” laws follow due process, specifying quick judicial hearings for those who complain about certain people having a gun.

This week, David Frum, a political commentator and former presidential speechwriter, has been posting images on Twitter and asking “Why isn’t this a red flag?”

But the commentators at Twitter news aggregator Twitchy pointed out he was saying “a guy carrying holstered guns in an area where presumable it’s legally allowed while minding his own business counts as a ‘red flag’?”

Several Twitter user commented.

EducatedHillbilly said: “Because he’s not doing anything wrong. Harming no one. Why would it be a ‘red flag’?”

And Veterans for Liberty said, “So peacefully exercising a constitutional right is a red flag, David?”

StrangerThanThings explained, “We don’t live life according to the emotional state of the constantly offended.”

AP reported a red flag law proposed in Congress has not advanced because “of resistance from Republicans.”

AP explained “red flag” laws allow courts to issue temporary orders confiscating guns “based on some showing of imminent danger.”

Republicans, the report said, have been insisting on “some factual showing … that the subject of the order poses a risk of using a firearm to harm.”

Most Democrats and some Republicans support the idea, with Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, promoting the concept that such confiscation orders could “bridge this issue of the guns and the mental health issue, where you identify somebody who has a mental health history that might not be formally diagnosed, but that people know about.”

Twitchy pointed out Frum provided “more examples” of “red flags.”

One was a man holding a rifle in a coffee shop. Another was of two children holding “real” guns.

“It turns out Frum might help change some minds, and not in the way he might have hoped,” Twitchy noted.

Twitter user rockin lady wrote, “Thank you for perfectly proving why we DON’T need #RedFlagLaws.”

Adeptus Archer said, “Red Flag laws will instantly be abused to harass and demonize gun owners. Nu uh! 5 minutes later … Open Carry is a red flag.”

Frum, wrote another Twitter user, is “singly-handedly trying to kill any conservative support for Red-Flag laws.”


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