Why August is Men’s History Month

By Jesse Lee Peterson

Last month, July, was our second annual White History Month. Whites are the most hated species on earth – for no reason. White men founded this country and made it great, but for some reason allowed so-called “people of color” to come in and malign them. Whites have refused to stand up, but have become cowardly and angry, giving in or fighting back in the wrong way. I want to see white men stand up and make America great again. President Trump represents a hopeful sign of an awakening among whites (and men), finally fighting back against the smears.

But second to white people, men are under attack. Like white people, men are beaten down, mistreated, lied about and “bullied.” And now they’re weak and afraid – sometimes assisting in their own destruction! Men are surrendering their countries, families and role as leaders to women! For this reason, last year I declared August Men’s History Month. We desperately need to rebuild men, so they can rebuild their families and restore sanity and real justice (not “social justice”).

President Trump, an honest man and alpha male, exposed the vicious hatred of men by the children of the lie. RINO Republicans, Democrats, leftist media and most Never Trumpers kiss up to evil liberal women while attacking good conservative men. Just as the Obama-supported #BlackLivesMatter movement pushed defamation of whites and police, so the #MeToo movement used dishonest, unforgiving, suggestible women to slander men. The dirty Women’s March, organized by abortion giant Planned Parenthood and other far-left radicals, was a filthy attack on President Trump, men and unborn children.

Since growing up in the Jim Crow South, then moving to liberal Los Angeles at 18, I’ve seen men decline and become like women. Men were once logical, respected and fearless – like President Trump. Today, men are weak beta males, emotional, disrespected, afraid of women and controlled by their wives, if they ever even marry.

We’ve seen what happens when men are weak or excluded. Look at the black community: Blacks went from conservative, hard-working and moral, to liberal, lazy and violent. Once blacks accepted government bribery, they rejected fathers and families, gave up belief in God, and blamed their failure on white people. As black men gave up their role as leaders, black women took over and the race became owned by the Democrat Party – the female party. Black children grow up angry and out-of-control, unprotected from angry mothers, hearing only lies of “racism” from celebrities, teachers, preachers and politicians.

White men are going down the same road. They’re living with parents or girlfriends, getting into drugs, committing suicide, not having children, not leading their women in the right way. Many white men are falling to hate, blame and victimhood because of the attacks against them – or rather because of un-forgiveness toward their parents. They’re giving up on white women, unable to stand up to controlling women corrupted by feminism. Instead of dealing with and overcoming challenges, they’re turning their anger against women, Jews and “people of color” who dismiss and degrade white men.

Hispanic and Asian men are also failing. Falling for the false “racism” narrative, they’re being used to attack whites. They vote for socialism, transforming America into the “s—hole countries” they left. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Hispanics immigrants and non-immigrants have more children out of wedlock than blacks! In 2015, among Asian women who were born in America, 27 percent of births were out of wedlock. By contrast, in 1965, about 24 percent of black babies were born to unwed mothers – and the Moynihan Report declared a crisis for black families!

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The best-kept secret in society today is that mothers destroy their children. When fathers are not present and strong enough to protect their children from the anger and emotions of the mothers, their children become corrupt. Most mothers, including well-meaning mothers, manipulate their children and turn them away from their fathers. Most people hate their mothers, and yearn for their fathers, but are brainwashed to think that they resent their fathers and “love” their mothers. In their fallen state of anger and emotions, they grow up lost and making bad decisions in life.

Adding to the problems for the men and their children are the laws put out by haters of men and children. Democrats push for women to kill the fathers’ children, and the fathers get no say in the matter. Men are forced to pay so-called child support – “free money” that single mothers spend on themselves, and still keep children away from fathers. Men can be falsely accused of rape or abuse, including so-called “verbal abuse,” be put in jail and lose their children.

Twenty-nine years ago, I started my nonprofit BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.” We focus on black men, but help all people, showing them how to forgive their mothers, return to their fathers and commit to what’s right. Men are waking up!

Men are the solution to the problem. To keep America great, rebuild men.


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