Why the mass shootings will continue

By Patrice Lewis

As America reels in the wake of three mass shootings over two weekends (Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton), the predictable screams for gun control emerged from the left even before the bodies had cooled (since everyone knows disembodied firearms have a bad habit of picking themselves up and mowing down innocent bystanders). The sad part is, the left will probably get their wish: Firearms ownership will be curtailed, and America will be on its way toward becoming another Britain or Australia.

The left MUST blame shootings on firearms rather than their failed policies, because it’s the best way to advance their totalitarian agenda of a disarmed society.

But as with any issue, the violence will continue unless the underlying cause is examined and addressed.

Why are mass shootings on the increase? Why didn’t this many happen in, say, the 1950s? The 1940s? The 1930s? People faced horrific situations through these years – the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War. And guns were common, unrestricted and easily available. You could go into any hardware store and buy a firearm off the shelf. No background check, no registration, nothing. What is the difference between then and now?

The difference is what progressives have worked diligently to bring about over the last few decades: the destruction of the family and the destruction of faith. Make no mistake, the attacks on faith and family have been unrelenting, highly deliberate – and orchestrated.

Orchestrated, you say? Isn’t that nuts? Not at all. Consider this article written by Mallory Millett, sister of Kate Millett, a leading figure in the second-wave feminism. Mallory was present – an eyewitness – when NOW (National Organization for Women) was founded. She wrote: “I love the term ‘Feminazi,’ as these humorless women are, indeed, fascists, killers of faith and society. So many people think the rise of women and the evisceration of our culture are somehow coincidental. But it’s been calculated and deliberate. It’s the only way America can be ‘fundamentally transformed’ into the Marxist test-tube to dazzle the world. It’s the result of HATE: hating God, hating life, hating society, hating men, hating babies, hating history, hating our fathers, hating our families, hating our white male Founders, hating happiness, hating heterosexuality, hating Western civ. Is this not madness? … I was with them at that table as they founded the Women’s Movement and NOW. The entire stated point of their activities was to destroy the American family and with that, Western civilization.” [Emphasis added.]

Can’t get much clearer than that.

For over three generations, faith in America has been under fire, and society is now reaping the results. Every major religion on the planet (with one notable exception) has strictures in place against violence, particularly against innocent people. When someone sincerely practices one of these major religions (with one notable exception), then it is impossible for him to become a mass shooter.

Read that again: It is impossible for someone with sincerely held religious faith (with one notable exception) to engage in mass murder. If someone engages in this kind of violence, they are not following their religious faith (with one notable exception).

But take away faith – take away one’s purpose, one’s hope for an afterlife, one’s sense of belonging, one’s belief that a Supreme Being is there to guide, comfort and love – and you have nothing. You’re an empty shell. What the heck, you might as well go shoot up a WalMart.

Take away family – take away the protection and provision of a father, the nurturing of a mother – and one’s purpose in life becomes even emptier. Today boys are growing up knowing they’re unneeded as providers and protectors. Girls are growing up believing a desire for children will only hamper one’s career ambitions. Children in general are now told they can be whatever gender (or even species) they wish merely by saying so.

Once the assault on our foundation of faith and family commenced in the 1960s, we had a grace period of a few decades where society pretty much stayed on an even keel. That’s because while faith and family declined, society as a whole still held the remnants of self-control and personal consequences those foundations provided. Progressives used this grace period as evidence no one needed those outdated institutions of faith and family anymore. See? We were right. No one needs dads, sex should be indiscriminate, day care is just as good as mother care, and God is dead.

But the grace period is ending. Those lingering Judeo-Christian standards are disappearing as new generations arise who never knew faith and never experienced a solid intact family. As a society, our memory of these foundations is fading. The moorings are loosened. When you cut someone loose from their moorings, they will drift meaninglessly and without purpose. This breeds despair and depression. As a result, violence is increasing and mass shootings are on the rise as people try to cope with the pain of a meaningless existence.

“There is a sickness in the soul of our nation,” writes columnist Star Parker, “and that sickness plays its way through and winds up expressed in deadly, pathological acts of lonely, lost, confused individuals – disproportionately, young males.”

As I was pulling together this column, I found a timely poll out of the U.K. that confirms this position: “Poll: 89 percent of U.K. Gen-Zers say their lives are ‘meaningless.'”

“A new poll out of the U.K. reveals that a staggering 89 percent of young people aged 18-29 feel their lives are meaningless and without purpose,” the article begins. “While by no means the only reason, many have argued that the emergence of mass shootings in the West by young men can partly be attributed to the nihilistic malaise that many teenagers grow up experiencing.”

Again, how much clearer can it get? If you knock away the underpinnings of anyone’s world – if you yank away the foundation of granite upon which strong people are built – you get nothing but emptiness and despair and meaninglessness.

This kind of attitude is why the shootings will continue as people snap. There’s nothing to stop them, no internal self-control from those underpinnings of faith or family to prevent people from acting out on their ugliest and most radical impulses, whether it’s antifa violence, random mass murders or any other horrific mayhem.

“There is a great price to be paid for a culture of meaninglessness,” writes Parker.

For this, we can thank progressive indoctrination over the last several decades, teaching people that father’s aren’t necessary, families must be “redefined,” faith is stupid, guns are evil, and God is dead.

The left has sown the wind. Society – and innocent people – are reaping the whirlwind.


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