Climate hysterics: 120 years of history

By Brent Smith

On Sept. 3, 2019, a group of 16 global warming scientists/alarmists set out way up north to the Barents and Greenland Sea, to prove that Arctic ice is indeed melting and that we’ll all be underwater soon.

Their fate was the same as their brethren a few years ago near the South Pole. They got hopelessly stuck in massive amounts of ever-increasing ice and had to be extracted. They failed to prove their point.

Perhaps the brainwashed alarmists should look back in history to see that warming and cooling cycles are natural and happen all the time.

In fact, the press has documented four of these cycles just in the past 120 years or so. And during every cycle, just as today, the results were to be cataclysmic.

I’ve found that these cycles last roughly between 30 and 40 years.

So let’s hop into the wayback machine or maybe Doc’s DeLorean. Let us take a journey back in time via the irrefutable written record. Remember, if it’s in print it must be true. I’ll punch in the turn of the century, last century.

From the late 1800s through the 1920s, Americans were convinced, via the print media, that we were heading for the next Ice Age. Yes, global cooling!

In 1895 the New York Times (the paper of record) wrote, “Geologists think the world may be frozen up again.” In 1912 the L.A. Times reported, “The fifth Ice Age is on the way.” Chicago Tribune, 1923: “Scientists say Arctic Ice will wipe out Canada all the way down to the Great Lakes.” 1924, New York Times: “Signs of a new Ice Age.” This reporting continued through the balance of the ’20s.

A funny thing happened, though. There was no Ice Age. After decades of dire warnings … nothing.

Actually, something did happen. Starting at the very end of the ’20s, there was no more talk of cooling. In just a few short years the nation’s print media switched from global cooling to global warming. Back then, they didn’t know to just call it “climate change.”

The warming fear started when, in 1929, the L.A. Times exclaimed, “Geologists believe the world is growing warmer and will keep getting warmer.” Really?! Are these the same geologists that said the world would be frozen? This is the same paper that reported just 17 years earlier that we were heading into an Ice Age. You may be thinking that 17 years is a long time. Well, if you’re 18, maybe it is. The Earth, however, is 4.5 billion years old. Doesn’t feel very long now, does it?

The other papers were a little slower to come around to this new global threat. In 1932 the Associated Press reported, “The earth is growing steadily warmer.” Now, the 1930s was the warmest decade in recent history. Apparently, all it takes is a few years of hot weather. In ’33 the New York Times reported, “The longest warm spell since 1776.” (We’re not going back that far).

There was even an Al Gore back then. His name was G.S. Callendar. He was English. He said the earth was heating up due to carbon dioxide emissions. Sounds eerily familiar. The year was 1938. The difference between him and our pal Al is that he thought it might be beneficial to man, not catastrophic. What a dope! He could have made millions and had a private plane (no jets at the time). But they didn’t have slide shows or carbon credits back then. Just shows the progress that has been made in the field of propaganda.

Back to history: The warming fears continued all the way through the 1960s. But again, nothing!

Although murmurs of the next shift back to global cooling started in the ’50s, it didn’t get legs until the 1970s.

In 1970 the Washington Post wrote, “Dawn of a new Ice Age.” Time Magazine, the Post, even Fortune Magazine was warning of a new Ice Age.

These days Earth Day is hailed as a once-a-year anti-warming recognition affair. The truth is that in 1970 Earth Day began in the throws of a global-cooling scare. The years 1974 and ’75 were big for the media cooling alarmists. A Science News cover proclaimed, “The Ice Age Cometh.” Newsweek’s big 1975 article about the next Ice Age gave everyone a scare. Some scientists, it was reported, wanted to spread black soot on the Arctic ice to melt (yes, I said melt) it. Time magazine in 1974 wrote, “Another Ice Age?”

Brilliant scientists like Dr. Stephen Schneider penned articles of the dire consequences of global cooling. In 1972 he claimed, “A cooling trend has set in, perhaps akin to the Little Ice Age.” (Remember this guy; he’ll show up again.) New York Times headline in 1975: “Major cooling may be ahead.”

Well, that’s enough of that. Time to do another 180.

In the 1980s the shift back to global warming began again. In 1981 the New York Times proclaimed (they always seem to be ahead of the curve), “Scientists are predicting global warming of an unprecedented magnitude.” Just like the other scares, it took the pro-warming folks a while to ramp up the hysteria.

Remember the eminent climate scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider from the last Ice Age that didn’t happen in the 1970s? Well, in 1989 he was quoted saying, “Global warming is a scientific phenomenon beyond doubt.”

In 1991 Newsweek published a ridiculous report by the National Academy of Sciences on ways to fight global warming. Everything from sun-reflecting balloons to mirrors and lasers.

The warming movement really took flight in 1992. Al Gore’s first book was published. And so it began. We all know what came next.

Over the past decade or two, the alarmists have become much more media savvy. They have many more venues than just newspapers and magazines. They now have radio, television and the internet to spew their propaganda.

They’ve all but wrapped up world governments, demonstrated by scams such as the Kyoto and Paris accords.

And if not for President Trump, America would be much more entrenched in the scam.

In closing, let’s have a “get real” moment. As I stated earlier, the earth is about 4.5 billion (with a B) years old. How many times has the planet gone through these natural warming and cooling periods? Hundreds – thousands – millions? How has man been responsible for all of them, or any of them? We’ve only been on the planet for a short period of time, and we’ve been “trashing” it for a fraction of that. The earth doesn’t need to be saved by us because we have done it no harm.

I have a rather easy prediction. Within the next couple of decades the media will be forced to announce a cooling trend.

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