Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders proved his ability to handle interruptions in his speeches without missing a beat during a campaign stop Wednesday in New Hampshire.

“Can we keep that down a bit?” he instructed when a baby cried out.

See his response:

Reactions of readers at the Gateway Pundit included:

  • “Train of thought, LOST …. Due to a small infant.”
  • “Socialist Bernie Sanders snaps at infant. Tells crying baby, ‘can we keep ‘that’ down a bit’?”
  • “Babies know stuff. Personally, I’d rather listen to the kid scream than hear Bernie.”
  • “Assuming you can tell the difference between the two.”
  • “Clearly the mother should have used her mutant teleportation power in the 42 milliseconds between the kids’ vocal cords first beginning to move and the near-instantaneous, patronizing rebuke by the grumpy old economically ignorant man.”

BizPacReview pointed out that just last week Sanders was accused of offending the owner of a San Francisco bistro by being “rude and cranky.”

“Of course, the question of the day was presented by another social-media user: ‘If [Sanders] can’t handle a baby crying How would he be able to handle [CNN’s Jim Acosta] at the White House press conference?'” the report said.


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