The only way to hold the Bidens accountable

By Larry Klayman

Despite President Donald Trump asking the president of Ukraine, Volodymr Zelensky, to be in contact with Attorney General William Barr over various Ukrainian scandals involving the Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden and his equally halfwit son, Hunter, based on recent past history, Barr’s Justice Department (DOJ) is more than unlikely to take any law enforcement action. As the recent past is a prologue, the attorney general, fresh from twice taking a dive on prosecuting former FBI Director James Comey, despite criminal referrals by DOJ’s inspector general, and dithering endlessly over whether to prosecute former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, not to mention a slew of other criminals implicated in the now failed Russian collusion witch hunt, it is clear that the new Trump-appointed attorney general is only marginally better than the last one, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.

This, as I have written endlessly before in my columns, is par for the course in the Deep State swamp that engulfs the banks of the Potomac. In the end, the elite Washington, D.C., club will make a lot of noise, but virtually never hold their fellow establishment swamp creatures accountable for any legal wrongdoing. Indeed, the phrase, which I used when I ran Judicial Watch, “Because No One is Above the Law,” has become in practice as meaningless as being called a “racist” because one may oppose the hard left.

The upcoming impeachment of president – and mark my words, impeachment will happen in the Pelosi-controlled House of Representatives – will not result in a conviction in the Republican-controlled Senate, but official Washington, and especially the media, which will cash in on the coverage, are pleased as punch at the prospect of the upcoming spectacle, which will make for good reality-series television. Ratings and advertising dollars will flow like cheap wine, and the networks of all political persuasions will be able to affirm their alleged relevancy.

But the tragedy is that We the People will continue to be subjected to never-ending dog and pony shows without any semblance of justice for the wrongdoers. And make no mistake about it: The wrongdoers here are primarily Uncle Joe and his formerly drug-addicted son. While President Trump committed no crime in asking the Ukranian president to investigate the Bidens’ corruption in shaking down billions of dollars in their Ukrainian capers, for the rabid Democrats this is of no consequence. Neither the truth nor the law apply to their actions. The ends – causing the defeat of The Donald in the 2020 presidential elections is their goal – more than justifies their nefarious ends.

While totally sinister, there is a logical method to this madness. The impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in the late ’90s did peel away enough votes – given the stench that rubbed off on the ethically challenged Vice President Al Gore – to convince the American people to barely elect as president George W. Bush, hardly an icon of intelligence. “W” then went on to commit so many mistakes that, as a nervous reaction, the American people then voted in one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama – a man so bereft of decency that he would go on to stoke a race war that continues to this day. (For confirmation of this, watch the recent film and read the book by my friend conservative Hollywood producer and filmmaker Joel Gilbert, which can be found and purchased at

It thus turns to We the People to take the real law, peacefully and legally, into our own hands. It is now time to have Freedom Watch’s citizens grand juries ride again to mete out justice for the Bidens and their corrupt ilk. Indeed, President Trump, having implicated his own attorney general in the high crimes and misdemeanors for which he now most assuredly will be wrongly impeached, Barr will now predictably run for the exit and take again take a dive on prosecuting the Bidens and their Democratic accomplices.

So today, I, Larry Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor, pledge to you with my sacred honor that our citizens grand jury will meet again in the next few weeks, and I, as the citizens prosecutor, will present evidence of the Bidens’ crimes. We will then indict the Bidens, try them in a citizens court and have them sentenced. We the People will then seek to peacefully and legally enforce the sentences.

The Bidens will be subpoenaed to appear to defend themselves at the eventual trial, and one can only wonder what will be their defense. Since intent to commit crimes must be shown, will Joe Biden now claim that he is so old and senile that he did not know what he was doing, and will son Hunter claim a confused mental state as a result of a drug relapse and make a similar defense?

But don’t expect either of them to show up. These characters do not respect the rights of the American people, and they will attempt as usual to escape Lady Justice.

This time, however, their so-called good fortune has run out, and their cheap political smiles will soon turn to frowns as We the People judge them for who they are: cheap frauds and criminals who feed like pigs at the trough of the corrupt largesse of the D.C. swamp.

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