Democratic Party: Racist calumniators

By Mychal Massie

White, liberal Democrats are the most jaundiced, sociopathic, transcendentally dishonest life forms on earth. They are an infectious variola that has metamorphosed into bipedal sapiens comprising the Democratic Party to its very core. And let there be no doubt; the behavior they exhibit today is the legacy of their party platform since 1840.

We understand them today by viewing their sordid subversive anti-freedom and anti-Constitution record of subjugative demagoguery and segregation. Their Erebusic history is one of human slavery, bigotry, pernicious lies and government dependence.

Do not be fooled by the Democrats having Obama as the first black president. He and his wife were just the kind of Negroes Democrats of today use to assuage their collective guilt and obfuscate their past.

The Obamas were/are common and uncouth. The Democratic hierarchy in reality neither respected them nor saw them as equals. The Obamas are the stereotype of how white neo-Leninist Democrats view blacks. They did not view the Obamas as equal to them on an intellectual level nor even a social level.

When speaking of Obama as president, Democrats opined that “it was a black person’s turn.” They made a big deal of how long blacks had been oppressed in America, but they failed to point out that it was the Democratic Party that lynched, oppressed and subjugated blacks. It was Democratic leadership that destroyed black families by punishing intact families. Black women were expelled from government housing if the fathers/husbands were found to reside with the family.

In 1840, 1844 and 1848 the Democratic Party stated as a platform: “All efforts by abolitionists … to interfere with questions of slavery … are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences and … have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people and endanger the stability and permanency of the Union.” For those who are not versed in political speak, the verbiage was a threat to destroy the Union if there were any effort to abolish slavery and/or permit blacks (and women) the right to enjoy equal rights under the Constitution.

In 1852 their party platform took it a step further, saying, “The Democrat party will resist attempts at renewing – in Congress or out of it – the agitation of the slavery question [i.e., will oppose all efforts to abolish slavery].”

And resist they did, from 1840 to 1964. For 124 years Democrats resisted to the point of even refusing to permit a black minister to give the opening prayer of a congressional session.

Democratic disrespect for blacks was unambiguously showcased by Joe Biden who publicly stated his bigotry and prejudice during an unguarded campaign moment in 2007: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African American presidential candidate who is articulate and bright and clean-cut and nice-looking guy. I mean that storybook, man.”

In 2008, former Democratic leader of the Senate, Harry Reid gave his bigoted opinion of Obama, saying: “Obama is a light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Note the inherent scorn and contempt the party’s so-called leaders have for members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Democrats only parade them out or let them off the leash when they need someone with a genuine black face to call whatever conservatives are doing racist.

Democrats were completely comfortable when the late Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WVa., Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leader and officer, as a guest on a national television news-talk program referenced whites he disapproved of as “white niggers.”

It is incongruous to me that in the face of all the evidence of the contempt Democrats openly display for blacks, they still enjoy the aegis of the CBC and other black groups. That is beyond self-loathing. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson was a rabid racist; Lyndon Johnson hated blacks and referred to them as “niggers”; Jimmy Carter publicly boasted that his “mamma took good care of their niggras”; Bill and Hillary Clinton routinely called blacks on staff “niggers” to their face while in Arkansas. I dare Hillary to deny it.

From the time the KKK was founded, Democrats identified it as theirs. In 1868 the Democratic Party honored the first Grand Wizard of the KKK when he spoke at the 1868 Democrat Nation Convention. Jim Crow and lynch mobs kept blacks in line and frightened decent white people who supported equal rights for blacks. (See “This Day In History, December 24, KKK Founded,”

“The years from 1865-1868 were marked not by profound peace – as Democrats … claim – but rather by profound violence, with numerous deadly mob attacks against African-Americans.” (“Democrats and Republicans: In Their Own Words,” page 6.)

These acts of terrorism were sponsored and encouraged by the Democrats. Even Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the KKK, was sickened and condemned what the Democratic Party devolved the KKK into. Forrest tried to disband the KKK in 1869, but Democrats would not permit that to happen.

Today the Democrats use George Soros-funded groups like antifa to bully people into submission and obedience to their agenda.

A female supporter of President Trump was punched in the face by a human form of empyema as the woman and her boyfriend walked hand-in-hand entering President Trump’s recent rally in Minnesota.

Antifa thugs are the equivalent of “Hitler Youth” werewolves. True to their satanic ancestry, antifa scum threw milkshakes on Journalist Andy Ngo after their brutal beating left him in critical condition with bleeding on the brain. This took place this past June in Portland, Oregon. The police chief had ordered a police stand down, allowing the communist troglodytes to carry out their acts of terror uninhibited.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mayor Jacob Frey is demanding President Trump’s campaign pay $530,000 for the MAGA rally held there in early October – the rally where the young woman was punched in the face. Hopefully, she files a lawsuit against the city for 10 times that much.

The behavior of Jacob Frey, the local governments in Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon, is exactly like that of their predecessors Bull Connors, Lester Maddox and the other racist Democrats who turned fire hoses and dogs loose on blacks. They’re no different from the Democratic Party that refused to allow blacks to eat at lunch counters with whites or drink from the same water fountains.

This is what these people do. It is what they are. They cannot win at the ballot box nor can they win based upon ideas. The current Democratic plan is: Attack President Trump; beat and try to intimidate his supporters; promise people that Democrats will provide free of charge everything from abortions to housing to health care for legal citizens and illegal aliens, as well as forgiveness of student loans, etc. All the people have to do is sell their souls to the Democrats.

The supporters of the Democrats are blind calumniators who belong in institutions. Sen. Rand Paul was brutally assaulted by his neighbor. In the aftermath of Paul being beaten, autoecious low-lives like Bette Midler et al. who view themselves important, applauded his attacker. In reality Hollywood is nothing more than a pit of diseased alcoholics, drug addicts, whoremongers and trash.

Not wanting to be outdone by that crowd, Dick and Diane Cox from San Bernardino, California, sent me a postcard on which they attacked me for my faith and called me “boy,” and we all know that whenever a white liberal calls a black person “boy,” he’s calling that person a “nigger.”

The fact is that it was Diane Cox who called me a “nigger” because I wrote an article exposing Jimmy Carter. She, like the rest of her kind, is a trashy old sot who hides behind a man while calling me hate-filled names. And not being satisfied with just calling me the “n” word, there is reason to believe she is the culprit harassing my office.

Liberal Democrats do this because they have nothing to offer but prejudice and oppression. They are fearful that if President Trump secures 25% of blacks who have voted Democrat in the past, it will effectively spell the end of the Democratic Party as they know it. What they fail to realize is that I believe 30% of black voters are for all intents and purposes already supporting President Trump.

The Democratic Party is adrift with evil and the rawest forms of debauchery, but we do not have to succumb to them. Just as President Trump fights, so too must we fight. We must fight for him and fight to expose their evil machinations at every opportunity.

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