My latest battle to hold Bob Mueller accountable

By Larry Klayman

Last Wednesday, I was in court with my courageous client, Dr. Jerome Corsi, in a case that already played a large role in preventing Jerry from being indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for perjury if he did not agree to lie and implicate President Donald J. Trump in so-called Russian collusion. The federal judge, supposedly randomly assigned to the case, was the Honorable Helen Segal Huvelle, who while a partisan Clinton appointee is a jurist who is also very intelligent and tolerant of strong advocacy.

The matter before Judge Huvelle was primarily the issue of whether Mueller could be held personally liable for the acts of his top prosecutors with regard to the threats leveled against Dr. Corsi. I had primarily alleged on Corsi’s behalf that Mueller, both in his personal and governmental capacities, had violated the First and Fourth Amendment constitutional rights to free speech and to be free of illegal surveillance. The complaint also challenged the violation of criminal grand jury secrecy rules.

Specifically, as for the First Amendment claim, Mueller’s top prosecutors had abridged Jerry’s free speech by threatening him with indictment if he did not falsely testify that he had been in touch with Wikileaks on behalf of Trump. With regard to the Fourth Amendment claim, the complaint alleged that Mueller had illegally surveilled Jerry without probable cause. And, as for the violation of grand jury secrecy, I alleged that Mueller had leaked grand jury information to try to coerce the good doctor into rolling over and lying. There were other counts to the complaint as well, namely abuse of process, tortious interference with Jerry’s business relationships and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Go to to view the complaint.

During the pendency of Mueller’s witch hunt, Jerry, who is in his 70s, had experienced severe health issues, had to see physicians over chest pains and virtually lost his means to make a living. The damage callously inflicted by Mueller and his prosecutors was significant and remains ongoing, including unjust harm to Jerry’s reputation and good will. Indeed, during the interrogation process, Jerry was browbeaten by Mueller’s prosecutors, who mocked his Christian faith and disparaged him as a so-called birther, among other insults and taunts, all the while repeatedly chastising him as a liar. They were out for blood at all costs to take the president down by using Jerry as their tool.

Importantly, Judge Huvelle, who was assigned to administer to the complaint after another judge declined to hear it as related, had issued a precedential ruling in the past which supported Jerry’s claims of being able to sue Mueller personally for violation of his constitutional rights. There was a myriad of other precedent as well that stood for this proposition, including a case I brought for Notra Trulock, the Department of Energy’s top investigator during the Clinton administration, who had uncovered Wen Ho Lee’s theft of nuclear codes at Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. There, I had sued then FBI Director Louis Freeh, alleging that he ordered his agents to illegally seize Notra’s computer and assault his dog to “convince” my client against writing a book about the FBI’s incompetence in giving Wen Ho Lee a free pass. The Trulock complaint thus pled violations of the First and Fourth Amendments, just as I did for Jerry. Importantly, the courts held that my Trulock complaint could go forward.

Thus, the only way Judge Huvelle could seek to sidestep allowing the Corsi complaint to move forward, and into a discovery phase and later trial, was for her to disingenuously claim that I did not have direct evidence at this stage of Mueller having ordered his prosecutors to violate Jerry’s constitutional rights. I told Jerry that Judge Huvelle may attempt this gambit before the hearing Wednesday on Mueller’s predictable motion to dismiss.

Breaking with accepted protocol, Judge Huvelle asked me to answer questions first even though ordinarily Mueller’s lawyers would go first since it was their motion to dismiss that was primarily at issue. Sure enough, Judge Huvelle’s first question to me was whether I had any proof Mueller ordered his prosecutors to violate Jerry’s constitutional rights. A copy of the court transcript can be found at

In response, I argued strongly that at this stage of the case I need only have pled that this was so, and indeed for anyone to believe that Mueller was not in charge of the case, one had to live on Pluto. The judge shot back that she lived on Mars! I then reacted politely and dared Judge Huvelle to bring Mueller into court and put him under oath to testify.

I would like all of you patriots to read the entire court transcript, because it is a testament to our legal system today. As I vigorously argued to the court, we now live in a compromised world where the elite privileged establishment circle the wagons and protect each other. I implied, not too indirectly, that she was predisposed to do just that. Mueller, I argued, should be treated no differently than anyone else.

Of course, given all of Jerry’s other claims, much more was said and done at the hearing.

But the moral to my client’s story is this: In today’s day and age, one cannot sit back and take it anymore from not just a corrupt government, but its equally corrupt law enforcement and legal establishment – run by so-called elites of both political parties.

Jerry challenged “the law” – which of course is not the law at all – and won! By fighting back he stood Mueller and his prosecutors down and avoided indictment. Now he deserves to be made whole again! President Trump should now do the same and, as his lawyer Rudy Giuliani alluded to the other day, sue the Democrats for embarking on yet another witch hunt to try to remove him from office. But do not count on this to happen. Tweets are not enough to bring about justice!

The other lesson here is that simply uncovering government documents is also not enough; real hard-hitting lawsuits that seek justice, even if sometimes long shots given the judge who may be assigned to a case, must be filed and vigorously pursued. This is what separates my clients and me from others, and it is why I urge you to please go to, and and support my work.

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