What the impeachment spectacle has taught us

By Barry Farber

What have we learned from the sorry spectacle of the impeachment hearings?

We have learned that the mainstream media suffer no embarrassment about their closeness to the leftmost politicians. If you’re on the left, the media will forgive you for doing it in Macys’ window. If you’re on the right, you have to score a knockout in every round just to break even.

We’ve learned that some people refer to “Ukraine,” while others refer to “The Ukraine.” What’s the difference? The difference is that those who refer to “The Ukraine” have fallen into an old Communist trick. After the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918, Ukraine had everything required to be a full-fledged, independent nation. Ukraine had its own language, its own history, culture, legendry and, indeed, its own religion. Russia didn’t like that. Russia wanted the world to look upon Ukraine as a region of Russia itself; therefore, “The” was added, even though the Russian language has no definite article.

The Communists were clever enough to note that if you go to plain old Ukraine, you’re going to a sovereign nation. The Russians realized that by referring whenever possible to “The Ukraine,” you were going, not to an independent country, but merely to a part of another country. You don’t say “We’re going to The France,” “We’re going to The Germany,” “We’re going to The Norway,” etc. We simply say, “We’re going to France,” “We’re going to Germany,” “We’re going to Norway.” So, if you’d like to spoil Communism’s little word game, drop off the “The,” thereby portraying Ukraine for what it is – a sovereign, independent nation!

We’ve learned that impeachment is merely a trial in the Senate, not throwing an office-holder out of power. For that you need impeachment by the House followed by removal by the Senate. Bill Clinton became more popular after he was impeached by the House! The same thing would likely occur if Trump were impeached.

We’ve learned that television networks will suspend attractive, popular programming and run the most boring hearings in the world, apparently to remain in the good graces of their left-wing buddies. As the impeach-and-remove likelihood fades, we will begin to get our favorite shows back.

About the most distressing thing we’ve learned is how easily and eagerly left-wing politicians will advance the most controversial issues and accusations, so long as doing so destroys or tarnishes the accomplishments of the Trump administration. The attitude, not the ideology, of today’s American left rhymes with the attitude of Adolf Hitler, who demonstrated that he hated Jews more than he loved Germans. As the victorious Soviet Red Army began to smash through Nazi German defenses on the Russian Front, Hitler ordered his deployment of railroad assets to be used, not for the German military, but rather to shift Jewish concentration camp prisoners farther west to prevent them from being liberated by the Red Army.

Indeed, Hitler hated Jews more than he loved Germans. And, likewise, the impeach-and-remove American leftists hate Trump more than they love America! If, indeed, they have any love for America at all. (‘Sorry about that!)

In 1940, the British expeditionary force trying to save France was thoroughly defeated but still managed to get a quarter of a million troops safely off the beaches of Dunkirk and back to the safety of the British home island. The beaches of Dunkirk made the beaches of Normandy possible four years later. One wonders, with escalating interest, how the efforts of the Democrats to impeach-and-remove will be explained, now that their impeachment movement, which started out so boldly, has begun to fade.

We’ve learned that Rep. Adam Schiff is the most outrageous political tyrant a democracy is capable of producing. There should be a new constitutional convention that makes it part of our federal law that Adam Schiff should be allowed to serve only when his Democratic Party is in the minority. He’s kind of amusing and relatively harmless in the minority – a curiosity, sort of like a sabertooth tiger at a zoo, in a cage with good, strong bars.

We’ve learned how miserable some people can be when they learn that their new romantic partners don’t hate Donald Trump. But don’t try to help them. Modern therapy has not yet progressed that far.

As for the overall spectacle, the lights, action, sound and fury of it all, it makes me feel like the male raccoon who says to the accommodating lady skunk, “Ma’am, I’ve enjoyed about as much of this as I can stand!”

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