Europeans pick climate change as top fear just before bloody attacks rock continent

The climate change alarmists have struck again — and as usual they are taking everyone else’s eyes off the ball.

According to Reuters, a massive multi-national poll conducted by the European Investment Bank found the plurality of Europeans — approximately 47 percent — perceived climate change as the foremost threat against their lives and well-being, “above unemployment, large scale migration and concerns about terrorism.”

The European Union, in turn, voted overwhelmingly Thursday to support the symbolic declaration of a “climate emergency,” just days before an upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Spain.

“European citizens are highly concerned about climate change and its impact on their everyday life and future,” EIB Vice-President Emma Navarro told Reuters of the survey’s results.

Of course, it took about a day for widespread climate-related concerns to be proven incontrovertibly misplaced as not one, but two major stabbing attacks rocked the continent.

The first of these attacks came Friday afternoon, the BBC reported.

A man who was reportedly outfitted with a fake explosive vest stabbed several civilians between Fishmongers’ Hall and London Bridge in England’s capital city, killing two civilians and wounding three.

The alleged attacker, neutralized by good Samaritans and shot dead by local authorities, was later identified as 28-year-old Usman Khan.

He’s reportedly a radical Islamist who released from prison last year after serving less than half of a 16-year sentence for his role in planning a terror attack.

Just hours after the London stabbings, a second attack would take place in The Hague, Netherlands, where three minors were stabbed at a crowded outdoor shopping market.

Investigators were not certain of the motive, though they had not ruled out terrorism, according The Associated Press.

And incidents of terrorism are anything but isolated, with European Parliament data suggesting that despite a mild decrease in the frequency of terror attacks, a grand total of 89 attacks took place on the continent between 2015 and 2018, resulting in 364 deaths.

In fact, one of those very attacks was, not dissimilar to Friday’s first tragedy, an Islamic terrorist vehicular attack and mass stabbing on London Bridge, which took the lives of eight people and wounded 48.

Is anyone else sensing a pattern here?

Because it seems abundantly clear that Europe is struggling not only with a radical Islamic terrorist problem — but also a crippling crisis of misplaced priorities.

As usual, sensationalist rhetoric from politicians has the citizenry focusing in all the wrong places.

The West, quite literally, pours billions of dollars focusing on mitigating the damage of climate change — a developing problem we do not truly understand the extent of, but one that politicians still place focus on despite its potential impacts not appearing as a credible threat for decades, if not centuries.

But we hear so often that it is the most dire situation we have ever faced as a human race that some people are starting to actually believe it.

We have a culture that truly believes bankrupting entire economic sectors — heck, entire economies — in the name of two degrees Celsius is a worthwhile solution to a problem we do not fully understand.

Meanwhile people are literally being murdered on the streets in droves because the political establishment sees fit to provide prison release programs for radical Islamic terrorists convicted of plots to bomb hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent men, women and children.

I would ask if we have learned nothing from our youth education in Western Civilization class — but I forget myself.

Many of us no longer study the greatness and shortcomings of the Western canon upon which our society is founded.

But I might recommend we glance back for a lesson or two.

Because it is only when a great society takes its eye off the ball that things truly begin to come apart at the seams.

And this week is nothing if not another piece of evidence that Europe has entirely taken its eye of the ball — to tragic effect.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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