Merriam-Webster advances LGBT cause, declares ‘THEY’ word of the year

By Stephen Kokx, The Western Journal

He who has the gold makes the rules, or so the saying goes.

True as that may be, notorious community organizer Saul Alinsky was also correct when he said, “he who controls the language controls the masses.”

The LGBT movement has been highly effective at that lately. Thanks to its relentless efforts, it has successfully redefined the term “marriage” and convinced a small but growing number of Americans that men can have menstrual cycles.

Earlier this month, Merriam-Webster announced it was caving to the Matrix-like reality the left is seeking to erect with its anti-Christian terminology.

In a Dec. 9 media release, the nearly 200-year-old dictionary company said “they” has been chosen as its 2019 word of the year, primarily because of its newfound association with persons confused about their gender.

“They,” the company announced, is now being used “to refer to one person whose gender identity is nonbinary, a sense that is increasingly common in published, edited text, as well as social media and in daily personal interactions between English speakers.”

Webster’s started its “Word of the Year” feature in 2003. Previous selections include justice, feminism, surreal, -ism and culture.

Webster’s provided three specific examples of how the new word of the year came to be prominent in the news in 2019.

In October, the American Psychological Association came out in support of using “they” to avoid making “assumptions about the gender of the person being described.”

CNN reported in April, Washington Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal told a House Judiciary Committee hearing her “gender non-conforming” child uses the word “they.”

Webster’s also noted that it is “increasingly common to see they and them as a person’s pronouns in Twitter bios, email signatures and conference nametags.”

To all this it should be said: And? So what?

Just because the left is more brazenly putting forth its warped understanding of sexuality and human nature doesn’t mean Webster’s had to lend support to it.

Jordan Peterson was right when he said in 2016, “I’m not using the words that other people require me to use. Especially if they’re made up by radical left-wing ideologues.”

LGBT activists have always recognized the power of institutional support. Predictably, they were overjoyed by Webster’s decision.

“It really helps to have these bigger organizations, especially those that are around mental health and grammar and writing…behind us now,” Addison Rose Vincent, acting executive director of the nonprofit Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project, told liberal website Vox.

Using a pronoun that’s not “he” or “she” “is really affirming and really welcoming and freeing for many people,” Vincent added.

Several Democratic presidential candidates, including Cory Booker, Peter Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, include their “preferred pronouns” on their twitter bios.

In October, Warren said calling people their “correct pronouns” was a matter of respect.

Just how far the insanity that drives the LGBT movement is going to go is anyone’s guess. All indications are that it isn’t going to stop. Everyone will be forced not only to accept but celebrate this twisted worldview.

In the face of such unhinged assaults on reality, conservatives must prepare to stand up and reaffirm the Biblical truth that God made us male and female, come what may.

We can draw inspiration from John 15:20: “Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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