‘Whistleblower is incredibly brilliant,’ claims famous talk-show host

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“Whistleblower is incredibly brilliant,” exclaims radio talk legend Barry Farber.

Fortunately, Farber is not talking about the mysterious impeachment “whistleblower” (actually deep-state leaker) who Rep. Adam Schiff colluded with, now pretends he doesn’t know and refuses to publicly identify. Rather, he’s referring to the intrepid newsmagazine bearing that same name, published monthly by WorldNetDaily.

Long relied on by thousands of WND readers, Whistleblower provides some of the best, smartest and deepest insights into a nation, culture and world spinning totally out of control. At a time when one major political party has essentially gone mad – openly championing policies that are not merely insane, but suicidal – and yet most of the news media wildly cheerlead these ever-more-extreme progressive mass delusions, Whistleblower is one of the very few places to get a large and reviving dose of rare truth, insight and solutions every month. Subscriptions also provide essential financial support to WND, the pioneering online news organization under brutal assault from many directions, especially from today’s far-left Big Tech internet gatekeepers.

Therefore, during this Christmas season, Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, the driving force behind WND’s unique magazine since 1999, is launching a bold campaign to vastly increase the number of Whistleblower’s subscribers – and to accomplish this in three ways: One, by temporarily lowering the subscription price – something WND rarely does – to just $34.95 a year for the print version and only $19.95 a year for the digital version of Whistleblower (simply enter the coupon code WB5 at checkout to get the discount); two, by asking existing subscribers to generously give Whistleblower gift subscriptions to their friends and loved ones who need the kind of insight found uniquely in Whistleblower; and three, by encouraging WND readers who aren’t already subscribers to take advantage of the temporary price reduction and join the Whistleblower family now!

Consider what prominent conservatives say about Whistleblower:

* “[Whistleblower Editor] David Kupelian is one of the most thought-provoking and iconoclastic writers I know. Agree or disagree, David is a must-read if you really want to understand the world we live in and where it’s headed.”Sean Hannity, host of both the No. 1-rated cable news show, Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” and the top-rated talk-radio program, “The Sean Hannity Show”

* “Whistleblower is amazing. It attacks the news with an armored division, not a bb gun. Other newsmagazines tend to be nice selections of nice little stories, but every month Whistleblower targets one single topic that is monumentally affecting our lives and stays laser-focused on it throughout the issue. And what a fantastic and enjoyable read!”Barry Farber, legendary radio talk show host and member of the National Radio Hall of Fame

* “People are just blown away when they read their first issue of Whistleblower. If you really want to open up the eyes of people near and dear to you, there’s no better way than giving them a subscription to Whistleblower.”Joseph Farah, founder and CEO of WorldNetDaily.com

Unlike all other newsmagazines, each issue of Whistleblower focuses on one topic only, from cover to cover. As a rule, the topics covered are 1) absolutely critical to readers’ life, health and happiness, and 2) either ignored, mangled or defiled by the establishment press.

Whistleblower issues published in just the last few months include:

“MASTERS OF PROJECTION: How today’s Democrats accuse their opponents of the very evil they perpetrate.” In psychology, projection is just one of many defense mechanisms people unconsciously employ to avoid facing uncomfortable feelings within themselves – by ascribing these unpleasant qualities to another person. But in today’s political and cultural battles, in the hands of the left, projection is a tactic of all-out warfare. The plain truth is, on issue after issue, one side in the raging war over America’s future is literally accusing the other side of the very attitudes, offenses and crimes of which it itself is guilty.

“STOP KILLING BABIES.” With Democratic presidential candidates openly championing the killing of human children right up to the very moment of birth, and even after birth – outright infanticide – America’s decades-old abortion war is building to a climax. This stunningly powerful issue of Whistleblower peers into the future to predict the ultimate outcome. As Whistleblower documents with breathtaking clarity, there is real hope for the future, now that the mask is finally coming off the abortion culture, the charade over, and the decades of excruciating pretense now exposed for all to plainly see.

“THE NEW BARBARISM: How the left is erasing America’s history, culture, institutions and blessings.” Most people’s primary association with the word “barbarians” is savage men on horseback – like ISIS jihadists – raiding and devouring a host society. But as life teaches, sometimes the same exact evil can take different forms. In fact, one doesn’t have to scratch very far beneath surface appearances to discover that in every meaningful way, today’s far left, which has already taken over – one might even say raided and devoured – the Democratic Party, is now dragging America down a barbaric road to total ruin.

“BIG TECH’S STEALTH COUP: How the leftwing lords of the internet intend to swing the 2020 election.” Imagine that some unseen yet immensely powerful entity existed, one capable of influencing the minds of hundreds of millions of people, shaping their perceptions in such a profound way as to steer them toward voting for a certain candidate and party. And suppose that this influence was virtually imperceptible, indeed that the entity was one we had come to admire and depend on, consulting it on a daily basis, tapping freely into its vast knowledge of all things. Suppose further that this great, ever-present and all-knowing something had a secret plan for our lives and our society, an overriding will to guide and shape us and our world in its image. As this issue of Whistleblower reveals, that is essentially what America – and the world – is dealing with in the Age of Big Tech.

“HOW THE LEFT HURTS KIDS: While Democrats feign concern, their policies harm, corrupt and destroy children.” Why is today’s left so obsessed with influencing and indoctrinating America’s children at younger and younger ages – for example, through “drag queen story hour”? Because, to put it bluntly, today’s left – especially the sexual-gender revolutionary left that champions men invading women’s showers and locker rooms and dominating women’s sports – is stark raving mad. And for such a delusional worldview to successfully be transplanted into the minds of the next generation of innocent children, they have to be seduced, confused, intimidated, corrupted and programmed. Thus, children are not just unfortunate casualties of the left’s multifaceted political, cultural and moral revolution. They are the target.

“GREEN NEW STEAL: The Democrat Party’s ultimate coup d’etat.” Although most Americans imagine that “climate change” has to do with a scientific and political debate over global climate trends and the role of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions, the reality is very different. Climate change, and particularly its “solutions” championed by the Democratic Party, actually are the far left’s secret weapon – its atomic bomb – for destroying capitalism and America’s existing social, moral and economic order and replacing it with an entirely new socialist, globalist order. This is the real ongoing coup d’etat – the attempted overthrow not just of President Donald Trump, but of America.

‘I saw the pictures and read the articles. It crushed me.’

Finally, consider some representative comments from Whistleblower readers:

* “Your analysis was so dead-on and razor-sharp – the ‘quick, powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing asunder, discerning thoughts and intents’ kind of sharp. I was so convicted that I couldn’t even finish the article without letting you know its God-sent timeliness. – Sharon

* “How good it is to see the truth being published fearlessly and courageously. You and your publications are a light in a dark world and you have well earned my trust.” – Bill Jordan

* “I received my first issue of Whistleblower magazine in the mail recently. I was completely blown away!!! I had no idea that there was a magazine out there with the same concerns that I have.” – Stephanie Rubach

* “I devour every issue of Whistleblower. It is literally a breath of fresh air.” – Dick Armstrong, Kirkland, Washington

* “I read your issue on abortion and can only tell you that it has changed my life. I’m a conservative Christian woman but have always opted to believe that each of us are responsible for our own lives and relationship with God and that projecting our beliefs on each other isn’t a loving, understanding way to live. Then I saw the pictures and read the articles. It crushed me. For the first time in my life I will feel no compunction in openly disagreeing with those in favor of abortion rights. Thank you for this powerful information.” – Kathy S.

* “Your understanding and perception have amazed me.” – Ron Williamson

“Please,” says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “for the sake of your friends and family who need the type of insight and information found in Whistleblower, for the sake of our country that’s under siege, and for the sake of helping WND during a time of tremendous challenges, consider subscribing to Whistleblower, or renewing (or extending your current subscription), and generously giving Whistleblower gift subscriptions this Christmas. We’ll all benefit greatly.”

Whistleblower is available in both PRINT and state-of-the-art DIGITAL versions. And for many years, Whistleblower has been WND’s single most popular GIFT choice.



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