Limbaugh reveals REAL source of coronavirus and every American needs to take notice

By Carmine Sabia, The Western Journal

Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh sounded the alarm on the origins of new diseases as well as older ones that were thought to be eradicated but are making a comeback.

All of these diseases are coming from leftist communities, both in the United States and abroad, Limbaugh noted.

Take the new coronavirus that has people in fear worldwide. The disease has been reported to be coming from one particular community in Wuhan, China.

The virus is believed to have originated from the sale of illegal wildlife at one seafood market in the city, the BBC reported.

“The respiratory infection, which is closely related to SARS and MERS, has been spreading across China, and cases have been diagnosed in several other countries, including the United States,” WebMD said of the disease.

The virus has now resulted in 132 deaths from the more than 6,000 cases that have been reported worldwide, with all of the deaths and the overwhelming majority of infections centered in China.

Of the handful of cases that have been reported in the United States, at least two of the patients traveled to Wuhan.

“Symptoms include a fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. They may appear 2 to 14 days after you’re exposed to the virus,” WebMD said.

On his program Friday, Limbaugh talked about the coronavirus outbreak as well as other diseases that have been hitting the state of California hard. Those include typhoid fever, typhus, hepatitis A, staph and tuberculosis.

“Where are all of these deadly viruses coming from?” the host asked, according to the transcript on his official website. “Communist countries. This latest virus that’s got everybody scared to death, where is it coming from? The ChiComs.

“What’s happening in all of these homeless tent cities in California? Medieval diseases that had been eradicated are starting to crop up.”

Limbaugh continued, “Do not doubt me when I tell you that liberalism, left-wingism, socialism, communism, whatever, folks, it destroys.

“It is not compassion. It is not love. It is not wanting the best for everybody. It is not equality. It’s not sameness. It’s not fairness.

“It is the epitome of mean-spiritedness! Liberalism looks at people and sees failure, inability. Liberals look at people, average people in their eyes with contempt.

California cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have been overwhelmed with legions of homeless Americans.

These people did not pick liberal cities at random. It is the policies of these progressive “Utopias” that drive the increase in homelessness, including those on drug abuse and alcoholism.

A street poll of the San Francisco homeless in 2019 found 42 percent of those who participated admitted to dependence on drugs and alcohol, City Journal reported.

So, what is the liberal city’s response to that? It hands out 4.5 million syringes yearly, accompanied by vitamin C, which helps to dissolve the crack and heroin, and instructions on how to best inject drugs, City Journal reported.

This is not compassion; it is lunacy. It welcomes throngs of homeless people who, as they have no place else to go, defecate in the streets and waterways, which directly leads to horrible diseases.

And those cities’ welcoming policies toward illegal aliens are not helping matters, either.

“Drug sellers are as shameless as drug users,” City Journal said. “Hondurans have dominated the drug trade in the Tenderloin and around Civic Center Plaza and Union Square since the 1990s. They congregate up to a dozen a corner, openly counting and recounting large wads of cash, completing transactions with no attempt at concealment.

“Most of the dealers are illegal aliens. One might think that city leaders would be only too happy to hand them off to federal immigration authorities, but the political imperative to safeguard illegal aliens against deportation takes precedence over public order. Local law enforcement greets any announced federal crackdown on criminal aliens with alarm.”

It is mind-boggling that people who live in such cities and states continue to vote for the politicians who enact these policies.

If people want to get serious about fixing the homeless crisis and the diseases it brings, they have to get to the root of the issue.

Leftism has to go.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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