Israel’s ‘flying cars’ will revolutionize military-rescue missions

By Around the Web

(UNITED WITH ISRAEL) The Israeli company Tactical Robotics is partnering with US aerospace giant Boeing to develop “flying cars” using “ducted fan propulsion” technology, called “fancraft,” for piloted and autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) air-crafts.

The Israeli company has already developed an unmanned vehicle, called the Cormorant, that is powered by internal lift rotors that allow takeoff and landing in small areas, which could revolutionize the way militaries deploy and rescue troops.

“Cormorant represents the first in a family of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that can fly and land where no other aircraft can,” Rafi Yoeli, CEO of Urban Aeronautics, the parent company of Tactical Robotics, said in a statement. “We can think of no better partner than Boeing to help us develop this product and utilize the Fancraft technology to its full potential.”

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