James Dobson on Super Bowl sleaze: ‘Have we lost our minds?’

By WND Staff

Dr. James Dobson

Evangelical Christian leader James Dobson says it’s time for parents to stand up against the kind of sleaze displayed during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Known for his books on parenting, he noted the reaction has been relatively subdued, calling it “the Super Bowl shoulder shrug.”

“On Sunday, Fox Sports and the NFL offered up a sexual smorgasbord, and the halftime show was the main course,” said Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, the James Dobson Family Institute and Family Talk.

“In the last two days, I’ve seen outrage from a few select commentators and Christians. But overwhelmingly, I’ve witnessed the Super Bowl shoulder shrug. Responses range from the timid justification, ‘it wasn’t that bad,’ to the defiant proclamation, ‘it’s a celebration of Latino culture,'” he wrote.

“Let me be clear: pole dancing, sex simulation, and crotch shots are not a celebration of Latino culture; they are a celebration of our hypersexualized culture. I regret the need to be so graphic, but have we collectively lost our minds? Objectifying women—whether they willingly participate or not—is wrong. Failing to oppose such an affront to women is equally blameworthy.”

Among the few critics were DailyMail.com columnist Piers Morgan, who wrote the “semi-naked, pole-writhing, crotch-grabbing halftime show” by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira “was totally inappropriate for a Super Bowl watched by millions of kids.”

Morgan said Lopez “basically reprised her Ramona role from ‘Hustlers’ at the Super Bowl, hurling herself around a giant pole in a skimpy silver flesh coloured outfit.”

He noted that the movie “Hustlers” carries an R restriction age limit because of “severe” sex and nudity.

“Yet J-Lo basically reprised her Ramona role at the Super Bowl, hurling herself around a giant pole in a skimpy silver flesh coloured outfit, having stripped off a studded black leather costume, and repeatedly flashed her crotch to the cameras (She was also joined by Colombian rapper J Balvin who gyrated into her from behind as he sang about booties),” Morgan wrote.

“Shakira, meanwhile, belly-danced and tied herself up in what looked like bondage ropes.”

Dobson asked: “Parents, are you content to allow your children to be swept into this abyss? How many of you sat open-eyed and close-mouthed as your children partook of this sex-saturated show? How many of you are allowing your children to adopt an unhealthy and dishonoring view of women and sexuality? The Bible proclaims that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image, created for relationship with our Creator. That message isn’t coming from our society… is it coming from you?” Dobson challenged.

“We should demand better from the NFL, networks, sponsors and entertainers. But may God help us if we don’t first demand more from ourselves as parents and as citizens. We have the truth and we must stand for it.”

Morgan cited a viewer’s reaction on Twitter: “Answer: Lewd. Crude, Disgusting. Nasty. Vulgar. Crossed the line. Glorified porn. Crass. Inappropriate. Gross. Sickening. Question: what was the halftime show?”

The British political analyst said it is hard to defend the show because it was “aired during America’s annual most-watched family TV telecast.”

Dobson is the author of more than 30 books on the family, was an adviser to multiple presidents and holds 18 honorary doctoral degrees. He’s a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame.

He was an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine for 14 years. He was on the attending staff of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for 17 years in the divisions of Child Development and Medical Genetics.

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