Pelosi’s theatrics fail, just as her party does with blacks

By Mychal Massie

Whether or not Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was born a pernicious pathological liar or transmogrified into one as a result of being born the daughter of a mobbed-up Baltimore, Maryland, shiny-suit gangster wannabe politician is open to debate. But it’s not open to debate that’s what she is. That said, we’ve heard more believable lies from Elizabeth “Faux-ka-haunt-us” Warren.

Watching Pelosi making hand gestures and facial contortions while seated behind President Trump during the State of the Union address (SOTU) couldn’t have been more nauseating. She’s a hideously unattractive woman with demeanor to match.

Since her pre-planned theatrics of ripping up her copy of President Trump’s speech, she has told more stories trying to walk back her lies regarding said actions than there are stories in “The Naked City.”

She has stuttered and stammered that President Trump isn’t above the law, but she obviously considers herself above public ridicule for destroying her copy of the SOTU.

There is a more legitimate argument that Pelosi “potentially” violated 18 U.S.C. § 2071, Section 2071 (a) of the U.S. Code, which prohibits the destruction of government records, than there was of an impeachable offense by President Trump. Pelosi’s actions were viewed by the entire world in real time.

The speaker blamed her boorish behavior on President Trump’s speech, claiming it was a lie.

President Trump didn’t lie about the economy nor was he lying about employment, and Pelosi knows it. More importantly, We the People know it. People know when they have more money in their paychecks. It’s one thing for people to hear about jobs, it’s another thing for people to witness their neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances getting jobs. The unparalleled employment boom is a reality when people who were previously unemployed and out of the job market now turn down job offers because they have a choice of where they want to work.

Pelosi knows that Obama boasted manufacturing jobs were gone and never coming back. Also, just like every single Democrat at the SOTU, she knows that manufacturing jobs are coming back to America and coming back at breakneck speed. This “reshoring” of jobs, as it’s called, is because, thanks to President Trump, draconian job killing government regulations and Erebusic climate and green mandates that promised all risk with little hope of reward were asphyxiating entrepreneurship.

Pelosi knows that automotive and electronics industry growth is soaring back to life in the U.S., because unions have realized that President Trump’s policies mean more money in their pockets.

President Trump didn’t need a magic wand as Obama glibly claimed he would. The economic anemia needed a man, a titan of industry who understood how to make business work. And none in history has been better than President Trump.

Factor in wages, benefits and a favorable business climate sans the draconian regulatory system, and unions are willing to support the president. Losing the loyalty of unions is every bit the nightmare for Pelosi and Democrats that the growth of President Trump’s support amongst black voters is.

Van Jones, the former Obama guru of all things green, who now plies his tautological diatribes of all things black as a prolepsis of antediluvian wisdom on CNN, knows that Trump was not lying when he spoke of the massive upward economic gains made by blacks, Hispanics and women during his presidency.

Only days after President Trump’s SOTU, Jones appearing on CNN accused Democrats of “having engaged in three years of fantasy-football politics.” Jones shredded the Democrats, and specifically Pelosi, saying they had promised that Donald Trump would never be seated as president because the Electoral College would keep him out. Their fallback to that was the Mueller investigation and the phony Russian collusion narrative, and then this sham impeachment.

Jones excoriated Pelosi, saying: “Had we spent the past three years accepting reality that a [large] bunch of [black] people who voted for Obama twice, voted for Trump – it’s hard to call them Nazis – and listened to them, in addition to our own constituencies, and figured out what they needed, we might be in a position to have Trump on the run. The reality is all the blood, sweat and tears over impeachment, Bob Mueller, has not done anything to dent Trump. He’s higher in the polls than he’s ever been, and we still don’t have a candidate.” (“Van Jones: Dems have pummeled themselves with ‘3 years of fantasy-football politics,” Joe Kovacs, WND, Feb. 9.)

Jones remains Obama’s prince of all things black, thus he cannot under any circumstances be called an Uncle Tom and/or sellout when he said: After President Trump’s SOTU address Tuesday night touting record-low black unemployment, rising wages, criminal justice reform and school choice, Democrats [need] to “wake up” because the president is “going after enough black votes to cause us problems. … What [President Trump] is saying to [blacks] can be effective. … You may not like it but he mentioned [historic black colleges and universities]. Black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under – [and] he threw a lifeline to them in his real life in his budget. He talked about this. He talked about criminal justice reform. He talked about Opportunity Zones.”

Jones warned Pelosi and Democrats that they shrug off the effect of President Trump’s message to blacks as being valueless at their own peril.

Pelosi can throw temper tantrums, rip up speeches and call President Trump a liar all she wants, but that behavior is not going to slow the juggernaut that is Donald J. Trump.

America sees Pelosi and her Democrats for what they are: a bunch of lowlife anti-American, elitist, jihadi-loving, open-borders, government-dependence-loving, do as we tell you to do authoritarians who have had 60 years to do what President Trump has done in three.

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