The pettiest, rudest, lowest female in America: Nancy Pelosi

By Hanne Nabintu Herland

I urge all women not to follow the example of the pettiest, rudest, lowest female in public America: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The utterly disgraceful display of lack of manners as President Donald Trump held his State of the Union address Tuesday, makes me ashamed to be a woman.

Pelosi has taken the lead as the most prominent woman in the media the past months. We respect that. At the height of her career, she decided to take the risk of impeaching a president. Taking the public lead makes her a role model for millions. She should lead a life as an example for other women, not tarnish our female reputation by such a display of rudeness and lack of respect for the presidency.

It does not matter whether she likes Donald Trump or not. The State of the Union address is an official occasion that unifies America under one president. Pelosi’s first mistake was being utterly unable, as many women sadly are, to distinguish between personal sentiment and official duty.

The demonstrative rudeness and uncivilized lack of respect for the presidency during the address must mark one of the lowest points in Pelosi’s career. If you have no joy to display when the speaker informs you of the lowest unemployment rate in history among blacks, you still smile and clap. That is being a professional. If you have grudges against the speaker, you address those at another and appropriate occasion.

This president was elected by the American people, according to U.S. law. Even after the massive impeachment circus, Trump’s approval rating is at a record-high 49 percent, according to a fresh Gallup poll.

Even worse than the lack of professionalism, Pelosi’s actions demonstrated that she does not care about the betterment of the American people. Instead of rising above the current political strife and celebrate the rising living standards, record low unemployment, an economic boom which has launched millions out of poverty, she did not clap, nor rise, just rudely flipped papers.

When Trump spoke about the United States being pro-worker, pro-family, pro-growth and, most of all, pro-American, she did not rise nor clap. Does Pelosi disagree with the president on this as a national goal? Probably, or else she would have clapped.

When he spoke of the United States lifting high citizens of every race, color, religion and creed, she did not clap nor rise. She disagrees with him on that too?

What happened to America when such women are its proudest display of female power? Is it not the very core of political work to make sure that the population prospers? Not for Pelosi. She saw no reason to clap for the end of American economic decline.

When Trump spoke of the rise of the working class, she showed no joy. It is obviously not on Pelosi’s agenda to be happy about the blue-collar boom. She took the time to clean her teeth and fix her hair, demonstratively not showing support for the record low black unemployment. Vice President Mike Pence got up and celebrated. At least, Americans now know who is happy about the economic rise and who just couldn’t be bothered.

This is why we need men. They have the ability to rise above personal sentiments, division, quarrels based on slander and allegations, the ability not to care about petty rumors, but stand firm and perform in the office they hold. Why do women so often seem susceptible to the low-life urge to speak evil of others? They just can’t get over their own inner ocean of ramped-up, cluttered personal feelings.

To us Europeans, the display of rudeness and utter stupidity is probably the worst we’ve seen. Does Pelosi not understand that she displays a complete lack of respect for democracy itself by remaining silent when such national accomplishments are being listed up?

By refraining from clapping upon hearing about the millions out of poverty under the economic boom, does she not comprehend that she shows contempt for the same millions of blue collar, working-class individuals? The speech ended with Pelosi ripping up Trump’s comments. What a childish baby. Which PR expert advised such an action? She should be fired.

Nancy Pelosi is, of course, already notorious for openly explaining how Democrats lie and defame their opponents with the “wrap up smear.” It sadly speaks for their character. (Watch the Pelosi clip here.)

Let the end of American decline please include new female role models who do not push for civil war, rudeness and petty behavior, but are able to contain themselves, display virtues, sincerity, civility and female honorable grace.

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