Coed threatened with violence for saying socialism more dangerous than coronavirus

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(COLLEGE FIX) Current death toll due to coronavirus: more than 3,000 and counting.

Current death toll due to socialism: roughly 100 million and counting.

Evita Duffy, a self-described conservative Hispanic woman, writes in an op-ed in the Chicago Maroon, the University of Chicago’s student newspaper, about what happened after she pointed out how socialism is more dangerous than the coronavirus:

Fellow students attacked my character, my intellect, my family, my appearance, and even threatened me with physical violence, using foul and offensive language. I was called a racist and a xenophobe. Some compared me to animals. Others declared that they would personally stop me from voting, and many defended the personal attacks, saying I deserved to be bullied and that I don’t belong at the University of Chicago on account of my beliefs. I was told by many that I was the most hated person on campus. It was frightening. It was also hurtful, since some of the attacks came from people I considered friends.

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