Evidence debunks myth that Ponce de Leon discovered Florida

By Around the Web

(NEWS4JAX) — MIAMI – Of all the outlandish myths about Florida’s outlandish history, one of the most stubborn holds that Ponce de Leon discovered it in 1513 when he was searching for the Fountain of Youth.

But evidence compiled by a Florida Keys map collector, a South Florida archaeologist and a Naples ocean engineer further debunks the tall tale of the Spanish conquistador whose name graces textbooks, schools, boulevards, hotels, parks, statues and the most popular tourist site in St. Augustine, where Juan Ponce de Leon never set foot.

Ponce de Leon may have named the place then known as Bimini — which he thought was an island — after the Easter time “Feast of Flowers,” but he was not the first European to land in La Florida.

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