The godless continue to shout: ‘We have no king but Caesar’

By Craige McMillan

The political left’s misunderstanding of American government – and their subsequent bastardization of our politics – stems from their misunderstanding of life, the universe and everything (apologies to Douglas Adams). It is succinctly represented as a single moment in time by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s characterization of God as “the thing” in a recent campaign pronouncement:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women created by – go – you know – you know the thing.”

Yeah, I’m sure that would have made perfect sense to the English king to whom the Declaration of Independence was addressed by the American colonies.

I don’t believe that Joe’s memory was the problem at that moment. I think Joe just couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge that “life, the universe and everything,” by its very existence, begs the question of how it came into being. Joe wasn’t searching for the word, “Creator.” He couldn’t bring himself to say it.

And why not? The educational establishment has for generations taught the pathetic lie that all life arose from non-life, which in turn arose from … nothing. They didn’t so much beat their students into submission with grade books as they did teach them that officially sanctioned lies override the truth. We are now living in that world.

Perhaps the final exam in all of this is to see if We the Deplorables can be convinced to embrace a multitude of genders, despite what we see when our children emerge from the womb. Don’t believe your lying eyes. Believe instead those who have been educated into idiocy or sold out their sanity for a public schools paycheck! Whatever happened to that age-old remedy of vats of tar and sacks of feathers? Let’s get those pillow guys working on it!

I find it interesting that even in the midst of allegations of decades of corruption by some Biden family members, Joe’s conscience still shows occasional sparks of life. Perhaps that means that The Thing still hasn’t given up on ol’ Joe.

If so, that is good news for all those of us currently weathering the storm. The imposition of a Creator between nothing and our own existence is a sobering thought, if we are willing to think.

What if the Creator had certain expectations for His Creation, including you and me? What if the Creator’s concerns for his creation transcend our individual thoughts and actions? What if the Creator is concerned with nations as well as individuals? What if that’s what we are seeing today?

It’s interesting that over two millennia ago, what was left of the nation of Israel’s leadership after Rome had conquered it confronted some of the same questions. Jesus presented himself as the Creator, ready to usher in His kingdom on earth.

The Deplorables of that day had already made their decision, based on Jesus’ three years of public ministry. The Jewish religious elite had a position that they had carved out underneath Roman political power and above the Deplorables of the day. They viewed themselves as the mediators between the Creator and man.

On what we call Good Friday, the Roman power structure had found no fault in Jesus and sought to release Him. The Jewish leaders’ response is recorded in the Gospel of John:

But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!” “Shall I crucify your king?” Pilate asked. “We have no king but Caesar,” the chief priests answered” (John 19:15 NIV).

The Creator’s response came three days later, on what we now call Easter. Jesus’ death on the Cross and subsequent resurrection restored all of creation unto Himself. The caveat is that we have to want it and accept it.

Both American political parties today seem to view themselves as a replacement for the Creator, rather than His servant. The Democrats are by far the most destructive in this area, because they worship government for the power it gives them over others. Perhaps even worse than political personalities are big media personalities, who can’t bring themselves to offer credit where it is due, even in the midst of tragedy. Lies are their stock in trade. Unlike their political bedfellows, they have not even a single functioning cell of conscience in their debased minds. They have no king but Caesar.

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