Good news: ‘Essential’ companies hiring new workers

By WND Staff

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Amid massive job losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 1 million new positions are being offered by major companies deemed essential during the crisis.

The bad news is that hotel chains, restaurants and retailers such as Macy’s are laying off or furloughing workers. The department store giant Macy’s announced it’s furloughing 100,000 employees, meaning their health insurance will continue but they receive a paycheck for an extended period of time.

But “essential” companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Kroger and 7-Eleven are “desperate” for workers, Melissa Francis, co-host of the Fox Business Network’s “After the Bell” told the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Monday night.

Kroger, Papa John’s and 7-Eleven are looking for 20,000 workers, for example. CVS needs 50,000 , Walgreens 100,000 and Walmart 150,000.

Instacart, the same-day grocery delivery company, is seeking 300,000 new employees.

“This side of the economy, these are the essential places that we’re all going right now — they are desperate for workers,” Francis said.

She acknowledged there are Amazon workers complaining of being forced to work around the clock in unsafe conditions. But the online retailer is willing to pay new employees $17 an hour and double that amoung for overtime.

“For people who are out of work and can’t feedtheir family, Amazon is offering jobs to 100,000 new people,” Francis said.

She observed it illustrates a shift in the economy already in progress in which people are shopping online.

“This virus has forced that faster,” she said. “I think it was all happening anyway; it just made it happen overnight.”

It’s a big adjustment, Francis said, but there are an estimated 1 million new jobs available now “begging” to be filled.

Along with Kroger, Papa John’s, 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Instacart and Amazon, companies hiring include Pepsico, Domino’s, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Aldi, Costco, Albertsons, H-E-B, Army National Guard, KPMG, Genetentech, Lowe’s, HCA Healthcare, Intuit, Nepris and Whole Foods.

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