Government caught giving permission for telemedicine abortions

By WND Staff

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Amid the coronavirus shutdown, the British government has hastily withdrawn a proposal to allow telemedicine abortions.

Christian Concern said it was one of the British pro-life groups that protested the legislation.

Pavel Stroilov, a legal consultant for the Christian Legal Center, explained that the government published an official legislative document that essentially gave abortionists permission to prescribe chemicals to cause abortions to women over the phone.

In short, it specified that the home of a “registered medical practitioner” was approved as a place for abortion “for the purpose only of prescribing the medicines known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol.”

They are the chemicals used to terminate a pregnancy chemically.

The treatment could be done at “the home of a pregnant woman.”

Stroilov explained: “These were the very DIY abortions on demand which the pro-death lobby had been lusting after for many years. As long as we had a properly functioning democracy, they had no success. Now that the voters have other things on their minds, it was imposed on us overnight – without debate, without vote, without publicity – insidiously slipped and shuffled into the pack of other measures we are told we need to survive.

“The moment was chosen very carefully – the day when everyone’s attention was completely consumed by Boris Johnson’s address to the nation announcing the lock-down,” Stroilov explained.

However, Christian Concern and other groups spotted the plan.

“At some point overnight, one of those messages reached someone senior enough in the government to pull the brake. On Tuesday morning, the document was gone from the website, replaced by the inelegantly worded, obviously rushed notice: ‘The information on this page has been removed because it was published in error. This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.'”

Stroilov warned people not to be fooled, insisting it was not an “error.”

“For a few hours, there was formal legislation in place which legalized DIY abortions. If, heaven forbid, such an abortion took place on Monday evening, it would have been legal. What has happened was not an administrative error. This was a disingenuous and sinister attempt by the pro-abortion forces to exploit the epidemic as a narrow opportunity to bypass democracy, and achieve their long-standing objective by the back door.”

The report warned that the nation’s ability to cope with the coronavirus depends on people’s trust of the national leadership.

“However, once the government attempts to exploit that crisis to implement an agenda which has nothing to do with coronavirus, that trust is lost. The consequences for the epidemic would be catastrophic. That would cost lives,” the report said.

The report noted some other changes that could alarm citizens. One is that a coronavirus bill appears to authorize the forcible detention of people on mental health grounds “on the opinion of any one doctor (rather than two),” and it authorizes temporary judicial commissioners to grant “warrants for surveillance.”

Neither has anything to do with the coronavirus, the report said.

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