Illegals demand DACA be saved due to coronavirus

By WND Staff

Illegal aliens who have been allowed to remain in the United States because of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA, argued Friday to the Supreme Court that the program should be preserved because of the coronavirus.

Lawyers claimed in a letter to the court that there are 27,000 DACA recipients working in health care jobs amid the crisis, the Gateway Pundit reported.

“The pandemic sheds new light on the reliance interests of healthcare providers and the public health consequences of ignoring those interests,” the lawyers wrote.

They’re appealing an Aug. 31, 2018, ruling by District Court Judge Andrew Hanen that the program is likely unconstitutional because it was never approved by Congress and was enacted unilaterally by President Obama.

The 2012 Obama program granted temporary amnesty to more than 825,000 illegal aliens who were brought to the country by illegal-alien parents.

The lawyers insisted that termination of the program “during this national emergency would be catastrophic.”

A Supreme Court decision was expected this summer. But it could be delayed by the pandemic.

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