Internet shocked after Comey tweets bizarre, unrecognizable ‘quarantine selfie’

By Around the Web

(LIFEZETTE) Comey took to Twitter, with a bizarre message – which is not unusual for the former FBI director – claiming he no longer knows how to use Twitter and stating he doesn’t know enough about COVID-19 to tweet about it.

Here’s what he said: Unsure how to use twitter now. Don’t know enough to tweet about #Covid19. Don’t want to tweet about Trump. Instead I will try to spread things useful, comforting, or distracting (rather than contagious) during a really hard time. Today I’ll start with my social distance selfie.

But it was the picture that most people were shocked by.

A disheveled Comey with much longer unkempt hair and a scruffy and patchy beard, complete with neck hair, smiled for the camera.

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