Lawmaker: ‘Trans’ agenda making women feel unsafe

By WND Staff


In a debate in the British House of Lords, a peer charged the transgender movement is robbing women of privacy in rest rooms “without their consent and without consultation with them.”

“Woke” administrators of public institutions, said Lord Lucas on Feb. 26, are making women feel unsafe by allowing men who identify as women to enter female rest rooms and showers or creating “gender-neutral” facilities, according to the U.K.’s Christian Institute.

“Is this desirable and justified? Has there been research into why this is a good idea? Have needs been identified? Have women been consulted?” Lucas asked.

“We cannot let this trend go on. A facility that we have provided for women all my life is being removed from them without their consent and without consultation with them — without any consultation at all, as far as I can see.”

He pleaded for a “genuine and open discussion … without insult.”

Scottish health-club tycoon Duncan Bannatyne recently was criticized on social media by activists calling for open rest rooms, the Daily Record reported.

Bannatyne said he won’t open changing facilities for all because it would put “women and children at risk.”

A social media user posed the following scenario: “So a man is walking into ladies changing area. He says I am transgender, they say sorry and let him walk straight in amongst the ladies, young girls and children.”

Bannatyne replied: “Not in my world. Not gonna happen when I am there.”

The Telegraph of London reported Lord Lucas, a Tory, pointed out that women do not want to share lavatories with men.

“What is the justification for making women feel unsafe where now they feel safe?” he asked.

He cited his own experience with facilities such as the Department of Education offices.

“I found using the gender neutral toilets at the DfE deeply unpleasant,” he said.

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