Thousands gather to honor terrorist amid coronavirus

By WND Staff

Amid bans worldwide on public events in response to the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of Palestinians, nevertheless, found a compelling reason to gather.

To honor a terrorist.

The president of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement, Mahmoud Abba, organized the “celebration” that drew thousands of Palestinians to honor a terrorist released from prison, according to the Israel-based watchdog Palestinian Media Watch.

“Fatah’s message to its own people is that honoring a terrorist involved in the murder of six Israelis takes priority over their own health,” PMW said.

The Palestinian Authority has recommended against gathering in large crowds.

The gathering was for Nidal Turkeman, who took part in a number of terror attacks, including the 2002 shooting and hand grenade attack against a Likud primaries polling station in which six people were murdered.

Turkeman was released Tuesday after serving 17 years in prison.

WAFA, the official PA news agency, said: “[PA] Government Spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said today that the msas reception that was held yesterday in Jenin for a prisoner [Nidal Naghnaghiya Turkeman] (i.e., involved in the murder of at least 6) who was released from the occupation’s prison is ‘an unfortunate thing, and a violation of the precautionary and defensive measures taken by the [PA] government to protect our people from the spread of the coronavirus.’ … He continued: ‘We expect our people in all of the districts to change the culture of receptions, joy, and celebrations in honor of our sons returning from the prison cells. Our heroic prisoners are the first to carefully implement the law, and the last who who think to violate the order and precautionary and defensive measures, because they are a role-model of commitment and discipline.”

The report said Safa, an independent Palestinian news agency, also was critical of the mass gathering, stating, “A mass rally in honor of a prisoners breaks the quarantine.”

It noted the “participation of thousands of citizens.”

The PMW report said: “Ironically, the Palestinian Authority – also headed by Mahmoud Abbas – used this opportunity to praise terrorist prisoners as ideal law-abiding citizens, saying, ‘Our heroic prisoners are the first to carefully implement the law.’ Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the PA tells their people that killing Israelis is protected behavior under international law.”

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