All 6 early-infected states are Democratic – coincidence?

By Michael Master

President Trump is the “right” leader for this time. And that is exactly why the left is trying to convince us otherwise.

The state of New York is in horrible condition fighting the China virus – but do you blame Gov. Cuomo for the situation? If not, then why blame Trump for the situation in the United States? The president did not bring the China virus to America.

Trump acted quickly with the information that was provided to the U.S. by China and the World Health Organization. China and WHO lied by omission. They withheld information until late January.

President Trump blocked travelers from China and Europe quickly, action over which Democrats fought him. Democrats called Trump a racist for blocking those travelers, but it proved to be the right thing to do despite Democratic objections.

The fact is that the first six hardest hit states were all states run by Democrats. New York, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, California and Michigan. We need to understand how those Democrats put their states at more risk than other states, so that the virus is now spreading from those six Democrat-led states to the rest of the nation. Florida is now a mess because of the travelers from New York and New Jersey. The same is true about Texas with travelers from California.

The probability that there is some common thread among those six states is more than 99%. Since only 40% of states are run by Democrats, and all six of the early infected states are run by Democrats, that’s .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 x .4 = considerably less than 1% that it is just a coincidence. Why not Dallas, Miami, Atlanta? How about the impact of illegal immigrants? Sanctuary cities? At-risk life styles? The homeless (especially in San Francisco)? The CDC under Trump will examine it. Just watch. Those six states run by Democrats put all of the country at risk.

Next, the CDC originally predicted that 4 million Americans could die from this China virus. Drs. Birx and Fauci both expected 2.2 million deaths, without mitigation. If the actual number comes in below a million, then the Trump actions will have prevented millions of people from dying. Will the media and Democrats give him credit for that?

According to Pew Research, 60% of Americans approve of how Trump is handling this pandemic.

And last, the U.S. economyic health is much better than the rest of the world. The actions by Trump before and after the virus put the United States in a much better position than the rest of the world. American deaths and cases per capita are much lower than in the EU. The U.S. economy is in much better shape to weather this because of all that Trump did prior to the arrival of the China virus.

In every measurement, the U.S. economy was smoking hot prior to the virus even though Democrats and the liberal media cartel tried to spin the data otherwise. Record low unemployment rate. Record high total employment. Record high worker wages. Record high stock market. Record high GDP. All indicators were much better under Trump than under Obama or than in the rest of the world. Twenty-six industrial nations had negative interest rates prior to this outbreak, but not the USA. Did China cause the outbreak since China was losing the trade war?

Americans will be reminded about all of this at the right time, despite how the liberal media cartel tries to spin it.

Seriously, do Democrats want Trump to fail? Do Democrats want millions of Americans to die? Do they want the economy to implode and ruin the livelihoods of 320 million Americans? Is their political agenda really more important to them than the welfare of Americans? To Democrats, does the end really justify the means, as Saul Alinsky stated? Then why are liberals using a double standard to evaluate Cuomo vs. Trump? Or in evaluating the situation in New York vs. the rest of the country? And why do they want Trump to fail? Why do they relish in every piece of bad news?

If the U.S. had done to New York as China did to Wuhan, then New York would have been put under total quarantine. No one allowed in, and no one allowed out. New York spread the disease to the rest of the nation. But Cuomo and Democrats claimed that a quarantine against New York would be discrimination against the state and unconstitutional. So now New York is receiving much more help per capita than any other state after it infested the rest of America. Go figure.

Many years from now – just as with Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, Ike, JFK and Reagan – Trump will be judged to have been the right leader for the time. He will have saved millions of American lives and saved the American capitalist economy. Yes … “right” for the time.

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