AG Barr takes a dive over China virus

By Larry Klayman

Thanks to our U.S. Department of (supposed) Justice (DOJ), the American people have been left defenseless, not just with regard to prosecuting the criminals who engaged in illegal surveillance warrants and violated the Fourth Amendment and other constitutional rights during the defunct Russian and Ukrainian witch hunts, but now with regard to the Communist Chinese and their calculated use of a likely bioweapon engineered in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. This manufactured coronavirus was apparently engineered from a rare bat and escaped from this laboratory, either by design or by accident, causing a worldwide pandemic. Already, tens of thousands of American citizens have died, and many more are at risk, as the pandemic grows more dangerous day by day, minute by minute and second by second.

In this regard, when criminal referrals were made by even an Obama-appointed inspector general of DOJ with regard to former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and a host of others, U.S. Attorney General William Barr declined to prosecute; that is, he took a dive. Now, that it is clear that the Communist Chinese regime in Beijing has violated international treaties banning terrorist-like bioweapons as well as brazenly violated World Health Organization regulations on notification of the dangers of COVID-19, the attorney general has again abdicated his responsibility to seek justice against evil wrongdoers.

A few day ago, cable host Laura Ingraham interviewed the attorney general on Fox News, and when she asked him how he intended to hold the Communist Chinese accountable, with his face drawn and looking down, as was the case throughout, he countered that his department was moving against the Chicoms’ theft of intellectual property. Is this a joke under these dire circumstances? Given the current growing pandemic, full emphasis must be made with regard to COVID-19. Issues concerning the Clintons, Obamas and the rest of the unpunished criminals must, for now, be put on the back burner. The nation and the world are in a life-and-death plight; it’s that simple. See the clip of Ingraham’s Barr interview below:

It thus has fallen upon Freedom Watch, with the strong moral and financial support of patriotic Americans, as well as those who are also joining as class action litigants, to seek justice with regard to the Beijing Communists, who must be dethroned and made to pay not just for the benefit of free countries such as the United States, but also for the good Chinese people who have been living in virtual slavery. For this reason, Freedom Watch has instituted various civil and criminal legal actions against the Communist Chinese leadership.

First, was our class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in Dallas, Texas, to seek over $20 trillion in damages against the Communist Chinese over the death and destruction caused by COVID-19. The reason for this case: Why should American citizens have to further bankrupt the nation by emptying out our Treasury of funds, causing abject poverty for our children and grandchildren, notwithstanding ourselves, now and into the future? If the Communist Chinese are not forced to pay for the damage, our nation is heading on a swift downward spiral into economic and social oblivion.

Second, was our criminal complaint that was filed before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, which seeks to have the Communist Chinese leadership, including its president and Politboro, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for their crimes against humanity with regard to COVID-19. Contrary to the anti-Trumper and increasingly irrational Andrew Napolitano on Fox News, the Communist Chinese are not immune from either civil or criminal prosecutions.

Third, was our companion class-action lawsuit, filed with fine Israeli legal colleagues in Jerusalem court. Indeed, Freedom Watch and I have been contacted by lawyers and other activists and concerned persons throughout the world, and I am amassing a team of lawyers here and in other nations to hit the Communist Chinese hard and to bring them to their legal knees.

Fourth, we have brought a case for famed writer, economist, lawyer and Hollywood conservative Ben Stein against the draconian and dictatorial orders of Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, later followed by several other governors, threatening to use their police powers to jail those who would leave their homes. While Ben respects social distancing and good health measures, the nation, coupled with the socialist bailout, should not be turned ironically into a socialist/communist Soviet style gulag that would make Karl Marx and, more topically, Mao Zedong proud.

Finally, as it is clear that the Obama/Clinton loyalists in our Deep State intelligence agencies and FBI failed to warn President Trump and the nation of the leak of the new coronavirus from a Wuhan laboratory, thereby depriving the American people and the world of valuable lead time to prepare for the arrival of the virus on our shores, I have filed another lawsuit, under the Freedom of Information Act, to obtain evidence of this traitorous criminal conduct, also designed to undermine the president and cause his defeat in the upcoming presidential election. These traitors must also be brought to justice!

In short, your Freedom Watch has done and will continue to do what the nation’s own DOJ should have done, that is, protect the American people and bring the Communist Chinese totalitarian regime to justice.

Do not expect that things will change as far as our so-called Justice Department is concerned. In this regard, please go to our website at and listen to this week’s edition of “Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman,” with guest host Dr. Alan Keyes, and also sign up for and support our class-action lawsuits against the Communist Chinese with tax-deductible contributions. These legal actions are very expensive, and we need your strong financial support as well as participation and prayers to succeed.

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